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Brilliant article by Boris Johnson on why the rich want to keep us in the EU

I have previously written (7 March 2016) about how the EU referendum is a battle between the elites and the rest of us. The elites want us to stay in the undemocratic, wasteful, corrupt EU where they have their snouts deep in the trough of our money and where they can manipulate the rules in their own self interest.

But I could never explain this with such elegance as Boris Johnson did in yesterday’s Telegraph:


and here, slightly less elegantly, is a similar view from Norman Tebbbit:


It’s time to get off our knees! It’s time to regain our freedom! It’s time to vote Leave!

5 comments to Brilliant article by Boris Johnson on why the rich want to keep us in the EU

  • Col

    Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is paid £300,000 a year by the Telegraph whose owners – the wierdo billionaire Barclays – live in a faux castle on their tax-avoiding private Channel Island. BdPJ described this payment as chicken-feed. With a USA passport and millions in the bank, BdPJ is going to be alright no matter what happens, so please carry on about fat-cats Mr. Kettle.

  • Farr

    I’m also undecided between the Stay and Brexit where our UK elites want us to live in the undemocratic, wasteful, corrupt UK where they have their snouts deep in the trough of our money and where they can manipulate the rules in their own self interest. One of our future heads of state is still being toilet trained, we have more undemocratic political appointees than our Upper House can sit at one time, an honours system that includes spivs and pervos and our first past the post system ensures politians are elected with < 40% approval.

  • NoIfsNoButs.

    Margaret Thatcher’s 1988 “Bruges Speech” Explains Why Brits Should Brexit.

    As establishment blowback strikes following over 300 European business leaders call for the British to vote to leave the EU, it is worth remembering Margaret Thatcher’s historic speech, known as the “The Bruges Speech” delivered September 20th, 1988, in which she rejects the political union of Europe and “the federalization of Europe.”

    Famously rejecting the centralised, unaccountable, federal Europe of Delors, Margaret Thatcher proposed instead a wider, decentralised, outward-looking democratic Europe of independent, freely- trading and cooperating nation states:

    “I want to start by disposing of some myths about my country, Britain, and its relationship with Europe and to do that, I must say something about the identity of Europe itself… Europe is not the creation of the Treaty of Rome… Nor is the European idea the property of any group or institution.”


  • NoIfsNoButs.

    “That we are overdone with banking institutions which have banished the precious metals and substituted a more fluctuating and unsafe medium, that these have withdrawn capital from useful improvements and employments to nourish idleness, that the wars of the world have swollen our commerce beyond the wholesome limits of exchanging our own productions for our own wants, and that, for the emolument of a small proportion of our society who prefer these demoralizing pursuits to labors useful to the whole, the peace of the whole is endangered and all our present difficulties produced, are evils more easily to be deplored than remedied.”

    Thomas Jefferson, 14 March 1810

  • Playing With Fire.

    By now everyone is well aware that the sentiment in Germany is beginning to take on a very anti-immigrant (specifically Muslim immigrant) tone. Not only is sentiment shifting, but now violent actions are being put behind the ever growing contempt for immigrants within Germany as well.

    As The Local reports, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of arson fires at refugee shelters throughout the country.


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