May 2024

Brexit – the movie

Hopefully you all know about the new Brexit movie.

Here’s a 3-minute version;

And here’s the full version:

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  • Sal Vincent

    The latest from Mike Shedlock.

    Headlines to Ponder: ECB Warns of Populist Risk; French Authorities Raid Google

    What’s the real populist risk: Donald Trump and Nigel Farage?

    Here’s the kicker that did translate well. “Solving this mess, however, not be easy. Among other things, the Community rules require the requirement of unanimity between all member states to change any aspect of indirect taxation.”

    Got that? Every country has to agree to get anything done. The more countries in the EU, the harder it is to get agreement. France will never give up its protection of French farms that causes every country in the EU to overpay for agricultural products.

    The result, says Brussels, is that companies in the European Union “are in a situation of competitive disadvantage” because the third country suppliers can supply to EU consumers goods exempted from VAT under the exemption imports of small consignments.

    Case for Brexit Again

    Why UK prime minister David Cameron and British voters would want to put up with this bureaucratic nightmare and maze of litigation is beyond comprehension.

    Populism Explained

    As for the charge of “populism” let me remind the nannycrats that the ultimate in populist movements is the Euro itself.

    The ECB’s “one size fits Germany” interest rate policy fueled enormous property bubbles in Spain and a depression in Greece among other distortions.

    The ECB then followed through with negative interest rate madness. Topping off the populist insanity, her highness Angela Merkel stupidly gave a populist “welcome” to millions of refugees.

    By all means, let’s not call any of that “populism”. Instead, let’s label this what it really is: economic tyranny by a group of populist thugs who need only look in the mirror to discover what the real problem is.

    Mike “Mish” Shedlock

  • Sal Vincent

    Mechanical ‘Economics’
    Hugo Salinas Price

    Our world is approaching a financial tipping-point, which may be only months away. When we do reach the tipping-point, the financial collapse will be vast in its destructive consequences and in a matter of a few days our world will change beyond our power of description.

    The shadow of the approaching new reality is upon us and we can already perceive its outlines; this allows us to talk of our civilization in the past tense.

    Professor Joseph A. Tainter, of the University of California, wrote a most interesting book with the title “The Collapse of Complex Societies”. In brief, the message of the book is that all societies have a habit of organizing themselves, and at a certain point, more and more organization makes them increasingly less attractive to their members. People then begin to leave their native societies and seek out other places to live; or else they lose heart and become unable to defend themselves from less-organized invading barbarians.

  • Col

    Our democratic rights… An unelected upper class/ head of state one of which is currently being toilet trained. The next one a meddling looney/serial adulterer who married a girl for breeding purposes. An unelected upper house stuffed to overcapacity with political appointees with no qualifications. A first pass the post mass vote every 5 years by which only one of two parties can get in. Great choice. Tax havens so anybody with money doesn’t contribute. A benefits culture that pays out even in work – and migrants too. Useless border controls. A corrupt commonwealth full of dictators that we throw money at ( but we don’t want to talk about leaving that do we?). My guess is we’re the least democratic country in Europe

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