May 2024

Israel shot down the Egyptian passenger plane! You read it here first!

Here’s a prominent Egyptian commentator explaining that every Egyptian knows that the “filthy Zionist entity” (Israel) shot down the Egyptian plane that crashed a few days ago:

So, the crash had nothing to do with lousy maintenance by a bunch of incompetent, lazy, barely literate, mumbo-jumbo chanting idiots who never get any proper work done because they believe they have to stick their ugly arses in the air five times a day.

He also accuses Israel of many other things including flooding Egypt with AIDS and “aphrodisiac bubble gum”. Those nasty Israelis, seems like they’ll do anything to undermine the tolerant, peace-loving M*sl*m Caliphate that our *sl*mic friends wish to impose on us for our own good.

M*sl*ms are such reasonable and well-informed people that I can’t understand why anyone would be afraid of them.

And on a lighter note:

sheet heads

4 comments to Israel shot down the Egyptian passenger plane! You read it here first!

  • David Brown

    London’s new Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan ordered the EU flag to fly alongside the Union Jack at city Hall.
    The block Muslim vote will of course be for remain. Wonder why?

  • Richard

    To be fair, Israel does have history with this sort of caper and Egypt.

    The Lavon affair in the 50s and the attack on the USS Liberty in the 60s being 2 cases.

    The treating of ISIS wounded in Israeli hospitals is a bit peculiar to say the least too.

    I can’t see what they’d have to gain from downing an airliner mind you, but I can’t honestly say I trust any government any more.

  • AmericanMan

    Towel Heads?

    Listen, they’re not towels and they’re not sheets…

    In recent years I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re quite obviously Diapers.

    Why, you might ask?

    Answer: Because they have shit for brains!

    They NEED diapers to hold it all in!

    So, go ahead and call them Shitheads…

  • Guy Rocky

    The Mayor of London is a secret Zionist. He went to Holocaust Memorial but NOT Nakba Day. Enough of your blatant Zionist, Muslim bashing, Hasbara.

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