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Voters! Welcome to the “Post-Democratic Age”

As people around Britain decide who to vote for on May 7th or whether to bother voting at all, I thought I’d try to illustrate how we are really governed in what one of Britain’s most respected botty-botherers, Peter Mandelson, described as the “Post-Democratic Age”.

What I believe the delectable, fragrant, perfectly-coiffed Peter was referring to was the fact that voters have very little influence on how we are actually governed.

There are 3 main groups that rule over us – Big Business, Big Banks and Big Brussels (the 3 BBs). Whatever government we do or don’t elect will go through the motions of pretending to govern, but will just do what the 3BBs command.

I could illustrate the situation like this (click to see more clearly)

post democratic age

Let me try to explain:

1. Big Business

Big Business spends hundreds of millions each year lobbying in Brussels to get laws passed which protect Big Business from competition from smaller rival companies. Big Business mainly crushes smaller companies through regulations imposed by Brussels’ thousands of committees as these regulations impose enormous costs, that only Big Business can afford to pay, on smaller companies. For example, Big Pharma managed to bankrupt many vitamin supplement companies by getting Brussels to subject their products to crushingly expensive regulations for real medicines.

Similarly in Britain, Big Business gives millions to political parties and gives politicians lucrative second, third and fourth jobs as consultants and directors – a ‘politicians in our pockets’ strategy – in return for politicians’ acquiescence in protecting the interests of Big Business like, for example, condoning monumental tax avoidance (while politicians repeatedly claim to be clamping down on tax avoidance while actually doing less than nothing)

2. Big Banks

The majority of Big Banks in Europe are bankrupt. But you wouldn’t know it as they’re protected by Big Brussels and local politicians. We’re told Greece had a bailout a few years ago. This is a lie. More than 90% of Eurozone taxpayers’ money used for this supposed ‘bailout’ went straight to French and German banks that had been stupid enough to lend to the eternally bankrupt Greeks.

Similarly in Britain – Big Banks have also been using a ‘politicians in our pockets’ policy. No fewer than 23 bankers were handed honours by New Labour. Moreover, when things went t*ts up in 2007/8, tens of billions of pounds of our money were handed over to save the banks from their own stupidity and greed and yet no pressure at all was put on our bankrupt banks to reduce salaries and bonuses and not a single banker was prosecuted for fraud. Our bankers were and still are laughing all the way to the bank (with our money)

3. Big Brussels

As many countries are forced into cutting spending, the amounts of our money being spent/wasted by the bureaucrats in Big Brussels increases every year. Over 70% of all laws and regulations imposed in Britain now come from Big Brussels. Our politicians pretend this isn’t happening. For example, as I pointed out in a previous post, Cameron’s claim that he was legalising single-sex marriage for jobby-jabbers and vagitarians because “it is the right thing to do” is a lie. Britain, like France, was forced to hurriedly legalise single-sex marriage  as a result of a ruling in the European Court of Human Rights. Similarly, Cameron’s claim that Royal Mail was being sold to help the business thrive was a lie. Britain was forced to privatise the Royal Mail following a EU postal services directive

4. Westminster

The result is that in Westminster, we no longer have any ‘conviction politicians’ like a Thatcher or even Callaghan. We just a have a bunch of career and careerist political pygmies, all out to fill their own pockets with as much money as possible and to gain positions of power and privilege for themselves. Moreover, they’re all happy to sell out our country to the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU as long as they can ensure their own financial futures.

Of course, if a Mlliband/SNP Government replaces Cameron/Clegg, it’s possible that Big Business may lose a little of its influence in Westminster (though none of its influence in Big Brussels) and this will be replaced by pressure from the unions. But anyone who believes we still live in a democracy is either a fantasist or a fool.

Welcome to the Post-Democratic Age!

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