February 2024
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Hey there, African migrants! Here are 10 good reasons to head for Benefits Britain

A message to everyone in Africa – COME TO BENEFITS BRITAIN! You’ll really like it here!

1. An immigration policy that is open to every low-life on the planet

Are you a thief, a rapist, a murderer? Don’t worry you’re still be welcome in Britain and human rights lawyers will ensure you’ll never get thrown out, whatever crimes you commit

2. You can bring in all your relatives

Do you think you might miss your extended family of 15 brothers and sisters, 30 uncles, 50 grandparents etc? Don’t worry. After a couple of years in Britain you’ll be able to bring them all to Britain where they’ll be well looked after thanks to the vast number of benefits you and they can claim

3. A Benefits System that is almost a licence to print money

Don’t fancy working? Don’t allow your wife to work because you’re a M*sl*m? Don’t worry. British taxpayers will give you so much money for yourself, your family, your housing and your holidays that you’ll be able to live very comfortably indeed and still have plenty of money left over to send to any relatives still in Africa

4. Britain gives immigrants the best housing

Do you value having somewhere nice to live? In Britain you’ll get priority for the best council housing in preference to indigenous white people who may have been on the council house waiting list for years

5. A PC Brigade that seems determined to press the self-destruct button

Concerned about being discriminated against in Britain? Don’t worry. In Britain, political correctness means that the only people discriminated against are the indigenous white population


6. An indigenous population who are never consulted on immigration

Afraid that the British people might try to stop immigration? Don’t worry. None of the main political parties in Britain will ever give British people the opportunity to vote on whether or not they want unlimited, open-door immigration

7. A Government and Police who ignore the abuse of our children

Do you enjoy gang-raping and gang-sodomising young girls? Well then, Britain’s the place for you. In Britain, raping, torturing and sodomising indigenous white girls is absolutely permitted by leftie, pro-immigrant police and authorities. Wanna party hard? Britain’s the best

8. An NHS system free to anyone suffering from a cold to Bubonic Plague

Do you already have some ghastly medical condition – aids, TB, dengue fever? If so, they’ll look after you in Britain. Completely free of charge. And, being an immigrant you’ll get priority over the indigenous white population as NHS staff will be terrified of being accused of racism

9. A Government who regard anybody who’s white as a semi-racist

Talking of racism. If you ever have a problem with a white person – maybe you want to rob them or beat them up or extort money from them – don’t worry. If the police get involved, you can just accuse the white person of racism and they’ll be the one who gets into trouble

10. Britain is becoming an overcrowded, Third-World hell hole

Are you concerned you might miss the crowded, garbage- and excrement-strewn slums of Africa? Rest assured, you’ll feel at home in Britain which is becoming more like a stinking, festering, Third-World hell-hole with every day that passes

So, come here! Enjoy your stay!

And don’t forget to tell all your relatives and friends what a great time you’re having here!

It’s not called ‘Great’ Britain for nothing!


5 comments to Hey there, African migrants! Here are 10 good reasons to head for Benefits Britain

  • mike mines

    Forty years ago working in Africa we were only allowed to drink bottled water for hygiene reasons.
    Now I stand behind queues of Africans in Lidls waiting to pay for gallons of bottled water and they give hygiene reasons for not drinking ours.
    Something has gone tragically wrong somewhere.

  • NoMore

    Until the white indigenes stop voting for the big 3 traitorous anti-white parties (which the majority show little sign of doing) nothing will change. You can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

  • brian ferrier

    The disgraced mayor of Tower Hamlets has stood down only to be replaced by his deputy who is out of the same anti white Bangladeshi mould. This Islamic fiefdom needs to be put into special measures, not handed to the next FGM promoter in line.

    So what is to be done ?

    Are the four citizens who financially risked everything in bringing this crook to court, to bring another private prosecution as once again Eric Pickles, the police and the Public Prosecutor sits with her finger up her ugly ass doing nothing ?

    These four citizens should get a knighthood each and a large cash gift from the public purse for services to their community.

    Which begs the question, why are we paying taxes to pay for these useless civil servants salaries and pensions when they systematically fail to uphold the rule of law because they are afraid to tackle corrupt gangsters in case they play the race card.

    Meanwhile Cameroon’s new election strategy announcement is to look forward to the first Black prime minister. A few weeks ago it was the first Asian prime minister. If they are infected with HIV or are part of a paedophile grooming gang would that make things even more inclusive ?

    This prick wants to court the immigrant vote but does not give a rats are about mine ! Cameroon is the racist here !. in his eyes I am a swivel eyed loon.

    I on the other hand would like to look forward to see the first prime minister with a Spine who has British people’s interests at heart.

    Talk about wishful thinking.

  • John Fields

    I have come to the conclusion that our old English way of life is gone forever, and
    that things will continue to deteriorate until we no longer have an identity.

  • mike_in_brum

    Katie Hopkins is right: migrants are cockroaches. And what do you do with vermin? Rentokill!

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