October 2021
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Africa – apparently it’s our fault!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to write about something else today. But I got so angry at the biased media coverage of the immigrant invasion from Africa, that I thought it worth exposing the mainstream media’s lies yet again.

One of the most quoted comments on all the news bulletins at the moment comes from a Mr Zeid Raad al-Hussein, the United Nations’ human rights chief. He has demanded that European Union governments to take a new and “less callous” approach to the surge of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and has claimed that recent deaths in the Mediterranean were due to “a monumental failure of compassion”. He also warned that Europe is turning its back on some of the world’s most vulnerable migrants and risks turning the Mediterranean into “a vast cemetery”.

What total bllx!!!!

What about the $20bn development aid given to Africa every year for the last 50 years? Where has that gone?

What about the fortunes amassed by Africa’s corrupt and incompetent rulers? Former head of the Congo – $5bn; former head of Nigeria – $4bn; Robert Mugabe – $3bn and in Ethiopia, supposedly one of Africa’s poorest countries, ten members of the ruling elite are estimated to be worth over $21bn!

They make our most popular former leader, multimillionaire Tony Blair. look like a penniless pauper in comparison.

Where does Mr Zeid Raad al-Hussein, with his massive tax-free UN salary and pension, think all these fortunes came from? They came from mass looting by Africa’s rulers. We have shown compassion every year for 50 years. Africa’s venal, thieving rulers have sh*t on their own people in order to enrich themselves and our rulers have said and done absolutely nothing to stop half a century of catastrophic impoverishment and devastation in Africa.

Britain’s most famous rent-a-gob, Katie Hopkins, was recently lambasted by the politically correct for saying we should send in the gunboats and return all the immigrants to Africa. Possibly she overstepped the mark by calling them “cockroaches”? But here’s a chart showing something nobody in the bleeding-heart, mainstream media will ever dare mention. It’s the past and projected future population growth of Africa compared to Europe and should send a chill down the spine of anyone who worries about our future:

africa population

The population of Africa will have increased from around 1.2 billion today to 3.57 billion by the end of this century. What we’re seeing now – thousands of Africans flooding into Europe every week – is just a tiny trickle compared to the tsunami of immigration that’s coming our way over the next 10 to 20 years.

Are we expected to let them all in?

This chart suggests that Ms Hopkins was not far off the mark with her choice of words.

We have shown compassion every year for 50 years. Africa’s problems are due to the corruption of Africa’s rulers and 50 years of lies and failure from the foreign aid industry:

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  • MGJ

    I had a quick look at Zeid Raad al-Hussein’s record. As a Jordanian Prince, I couldn’t find any evidence of him trying to improve human rights there so I wonder what his qualifications were for his present sinecure. Never mind, now’s his chance to step in and put up a few hundred migrants in some of his palaces. No…?

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