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The Iranians – a correction

From what David Cameron, William Hague and the docile mainstream media have been telling us for the last few years, you might have got the impression that Iran was ruled by a bunch of frighteningly mad mullahs intent on building nuclear weapons and causing global chaos (click to see more clearly)

mad mullahs

You might also have thought that the rebels fighting the awful, brutal dictator Bashar “Basher” Al-Assad were brave freedom fighters wanting to restore democracy and peace to their blighted country. You might even have believed that we, David “Tony Blair” Cameron and William “Winston” Hague wanted to send British planes and troops in to help the Syrian rebels and were only stopped from this lunacy when Vladimir Putin told us he was supporting Assad and we should get stuffed.

If this is what you thought, then clearly you must be pretty stupid.

As any fule kno, the Iranians are wonderful, peace-loving, tolerant people who wouldn’t dream of trying to wipe Israel off the face of the earth the moment they get their grubby hands on a few nukes. The Iranians are our friends.

ashton iran1

As for those Syrian rebels, well they’re ghastly, homicidal, murdering maniacs who should be wiped out as soon as possible.

When the British public are so dim, it’s lucky we have great leaders like Cameron and Hague and, of course, the fragrant Baroness Ashton, with their deep understanding of world affairs otherwise we wouldn’t know who our friends are and who are our enemies.

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