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M*sl*ms are our friends! Russia is our enemy! Errr…ummm….did I get that right?

As Islamists sweep effortlessly into Iraq from Syria, I feel obliged to repeat a post I wrote 6 months ago.

Our leaders have spent the last 6 months assuring us that Russia is an evil empire run by a James-Bondian villain – Vladimir Putin. At the same time they try to reassure us that Isl*m is a religion of peace and tolerance and that Isl*m poses no threat to our country. As for the brutal murder and attempted beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby on a London street, well that nice Mr Cameron assured us that this horror had nothing to do with Isl*m, in spite of the killers’ insistence that it did.

Here’s a picture with six clowns and one great international statesman. Can you spot who are the clowns and who is the great international statesman?

It has become fashionable in the press to criticise Putin over the lack of real democracy in Russia. But Russia is not Kensington or Notting Hill Gate where most of Britain’s chattering classes live. Russia is a huge, almost ungovernable country. Russia’s surface area is 17,098,246 km2 compared to the US at 9,629,091 km2 and Britain at a pathetic 242,900 km2. So, Russia is almost twice as large as the US and seventy times larger than the UK.

Moreover, Russia was facing complete chaos until Putin took over. Putin has been the best thing that every happened to Russia since Boney M sang “Ra-Ra-Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen”. Under Putin’s rule, the earnings from Russia’s oil, gas and minerals have not been squandered as they are in most other resource-rich developing countries. Instead they have been (more or less) invested in imposing order in this vast country, in modernising it and in building a new middle class of highly educated people. Visit any holiday resort around the world, and the people you’ll see buying holiday homes and yachts are mostly Russians. This is an incredible, almost unbelievable change from just a couple of decades ago and light years away from what happened when Russia was the Soviet Union.

Of course, there have been problems. You can’t move from totalitarianism to chaos then to peaceful development and national economic success in just a few decades without a certain degree of central control. And you can’t have a country earning so much wealth without some of it being siphoned off by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen.

We are making a terrible mistake in constantly attacking Putin over supposed human rights abuses and events in the Ukraine. The West and Putin have one common enemy – radical Isl*m.

But instead of understanding this and working together with Russia to fight the spread of radical Islam, idiots Cameron, Hague, Obama, Kerry and Hollande want to start a new Cold War with Russia while letting Isl*mists over-run the Middle East and create a new caliphate which will constantly be at war with the West.

It’s time to stop demonising Putin and to realise that Russia and the West are on the same side.

But how long will it take for the pathetic clowns that rule us to tell the difference between our friends and our enemies?

4 comments to M*sl*ms are our friends! Russia is our enemy! Errr…ummm….did I get that right?

  • Paris Claims

    Whilst you’re on the topic of islam, here’s a good video that needs a wider audience.

  • Peter

    We are sleepwalking into oblivion and still people refuse to vote for any party other than the tired old threesome. Lib/Lab/Con are not interested in our heritage, our culture or our quality of life. They are all obsessed with banking and big business and don’t care who lives in this country as long as their business chums and their own business interests are served. This country is lost unless people start getting off their lazy backsides and doing something about it at the next general election..

  • rob

    Im a great follower and I agree with your opinion on Russia, but I think your being slightly naive in ignoring the geo-political rivalry that exists between the US & Russia as a reason for the current tensions.

    The neo-con doctrine states that to maintain US current supremacy any Eurasian rising power (Russia) must be blocked. The US sponsored the Ukrainian coup to weaken Russia and is also currently trying to undermine Russia’s gas contracts in Europe.

    The ultimate goal of the US is the break-up of Russia into smaller states that can be easily pushed around and exploited for their huge energy resources.

    The UK is just a puppet state of the US and is also a historic enemy and rival of Russia so their just following an old trend.

  • Ramirez

    This is a stupid one-sided post.

    I’m sorry but any informed intelligence agent knows that the problem wasn’t ever Islam, but the raise of Israel that started the war in the middle-east in the process of its inception. Fuck you and your counterintelpro blog.

    The reason is obvious: Once Israel became, the middle-east were outraged. In the process of attempting to cancel out their pressure against Israel, the 911 event happened – which again was made and perpetrated by Israel. Don’t Believe me? Search Up Rebekah Roth – Methodical Deception.

    Now when 911 occurred the hate fulled the world against the middle-east and therefore, the middle-east were attacked unprovoked – shattering the unison of the Arabs by hitting a guilt trip on them that one of their tribes were responsible behind 911.

    Now, in the midst of all this, the infamous Al-qaeda/Taliban/ISIS came along for the past 20 years. All for what? To defend Israel. All roads go back to Israel. So fuck you and your shitty blog. Not to mention, Putin was raised by Jewish Parasites during the Soviet Union years. Again, don’t believe me?


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