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Our supine press and cowardly leaders seldom mention the slaughter that’s going on in the name of religion

There’s a website called I can’t verify whether what the website publishes is true and unbiased. I rather suspect the site is quite biased. However, if their information is mostly correct, then it seems there’s a minor religious war going on that our mainstream press seems uninterested in mentioning and our cowardly leaders prefer to avoid discussing.

The Religion of Peace website claims to keep a running score on religious killings. The total for 2013 was:

Jihad attacks:  2801 (in 51 countries)

Dead:   16,710

Critically injured:  29,432

Just for the week of January 11 to 17 this year, the score was:

Jihad attacks:  48

Dead:  365

Critically injured:  629

For some really shocking information, there’s a page on the website devoted to apparent attempts to exterminate Christians in mainly Muslim countries Again, I have no idea how accurate these stories and figures are. But if even half of them are true, then there is a catastrophe going on.

So, what are our politicians and opinion leaders doing about the extermination of Christians? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Yet when probably the greatest leader in the world today, Vladimir Putin, suggests that homosexuality shouldn’t be encouraged by adults amongst children in Russia, there’s total outrage from the media, the Guardianistas at the BBC and the luvvies, especially big-mouthed, corpulent blubber-mountain Stephen Fry.

We should hang our heads in shame that political correctness prevents us even mentioning the slaughter of Christians by followers of the Religion of Peace, yet even the slightest possibly derogatory comment on Mandelsonians results in total uproar in the media and from “opinion leaders”.

2 comments to Our supine press and cowardly leaders seldom mention the slaughter that’s going on in the name of religion

  • Paris Claims
    This site highlights the plight of Christians in muslim majority countries and attempts to ease their suffering.

  • Gabrielle Anais

    I remember hearing a report tucked away on a radio program in 1997 about Christians being killed in Indonesia…on bbc radio 4..don’t listen to bbc now..government lackies……btw 1997 was beginning of political correctness as championed by new Labour. .you could not query certain subjects without getting ‘shot down’ and called racist.

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