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Another ghastly truth about immigration the politicians don’t want us to know

Not much response to my simile competition yesterday (you can see the suggestions by clicking on the title of yesterday’s post). So I’ll deal with something a bit more serious today – yet another rather nasty side-effect of immigration that the politicians and bien pensants in the media don’t seem keen on mentioning.

If you managed a First Division football team, you would not let all your best players leave and replace them by players from the 7th division, most of whom probably don’t even understand the offside rule. Right? That would not be sensible, would it?

Now, say you ran a First World developed country, would you let the most talented and productive people leave and replace them by people with lower skill levels or who are just uneducated spongers? Not if you wanted to remain a First World country. Only if you wanted to turn Britain into yet another Third World hell-hole.

Yet that’s what our masters are doing. I had always assumed that most people emigrating from Britain were pensioners off to Spain, Italy or France. I could not have been more wrong. Yesterday I found a Home Office analysis of the 350,000 or so people emigrating from Britain each year and it turns out that only about 7,000 at most are retirees (it varies between 4,000 to 8,000 a year). The other 343,000 are mostly of working age (there are few dependents). Moreover, most of those emigrating are highly educated, professional or clerical workers. Whoops!

So then I tried to work out what we’re getting in return for the 343,000 productive people leaving each year. Immigration is running (officially) at about 550,000 a year. Unemployment amongst those who have been in Britain up to a couple of years is probably around 30% (I suspect it’s actually much higher – for example, amongst Britain’s wonderful Somali community economic inactivity is more like 80%).

So then I crunched some numbers and came up with this (click on picture to see more clearly)

It seems that we’re losing around 343,000 productive, skilled people every year and about 7,000 self-sufficient retirees. In return, we’re taking in around 550,000 (a truly incredible 10,000 a week) of which 385,000 may find jobs and 165,000 will live off benefits probably for their whole lives.

On my chart, I’ve classed the 385,000 who will find work as “self-sufficient”. But this is probably not true as many will be in low-paid jobs and so will take much more in tax credits and services than they pay in. As for the 165,000 who won’t work, if each of these  is costing us about £20,000 a year in benefits, housing, healthcare, schooling for their children and so on, then each year we’re importing a cohort of people who will cost us about £3.3bn a year every year. Every 5 years we’ll import 835,000 costing us £16.5bn a year and so on. No wonder we can’t afford to provide decent pensions and healthcare for British people who have worked and paid taxes all their lives.

Of course, my figures are rough estimates as the Government would never give us the real figures. But I’m probably not far wrong.

Moreover, if you read the quote on the picture from the Home Office report, you’ll see a deeper problem. Those leaving Britain are on average much more highly educated and skilled than those who arrive. So we’re allowing our best players to leave and replacing them by less capable, less productive new arrivals.

That is not a terribly smart thing to do if we wish to remain a competitive, productive First World country.

5 comments to Another ghastly truth about immigration the politicians don’t want us to know

  • Paris Claims

    A slight over simplification but white English speaking, tax paying, mainly Christian, mainly non labour voting people are leaving, to be replaced with Eastern Europeans and Africans & Asians (mainly muslims) welfare leeching, illiterate, labour voters.

  • shortchanged

    David, a slightly different but better outcome on the immigration debate is in the following link. Its well worth a look, especially the last couple of minutes.

  • John Fields

    As a self-sufficient 86 year old, labour voting retiree, after reading Paris’s comment,
    I think it is time I bought a home in Spain and left this Third World crap-hole.

  • Peter

    Just make it totally unattractive for immigrants to come to the UK – no benefits for the first 5 years until they have paid in for at least 3, no priority housing , nothing. Then they won’t want to come to the UK


  • Brillo

    Even the BBC agree with you. Listen to the podcast on immigration. see link below.

    Last person will be turning the lights out in the UK in 2040. I’ll probably be 6′ under by them thank goodness.

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