February 2023
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Problems in s*x paradise – not enough s*x

I know some readers will be upset by my descent into “smut”. But I’ve written 1,242 posts on this website and I think only about 5 or 6 (less than 0.5%) have mentioned s*x.

Any way there’s good news for those of us who find s*x tourism rather questionable. Many girls don’t want to do it any more.

Here in the Land of Sm*les, it has long been the tradition in poor families that the daughters leave school early to work and provide for their families while the sons stayed in school to get an education and then hopefully a job. Given that most girls had no qualifications, many had little choice but to move into the s*x industry to live up to their family obligations.

However, things are slowly changing – for the better. With economic growth, there are fewer very poor families, so more girls are staying in school for longer and then are getting proper jobs in factories and offices. This is causing a huge problem for gogo bar owners – they’re finding it increasingly difficult to get the staff they need to pull in the punters.

I was talking to one manager a couple of days ago. “It’s a disaster”, he explained, “girls don’t want to dance in bars any more. We’ve been forced to increase wages, but still we can’t get enough good-looking ones”. He went on to lament the fact that even when he could get girls, they wanted to dance in their bikinis and wouldn’t even take their tops off to show their breasts. As for dancing naked, which used to be the norm, very few would agree to this. Even worse for him, he needed girls to do what he called “the naughty stuff” – pushing various objects including bananas and rubber penises into themselves and letting men do all sorts of things to them – it was almost impossible to find any girls who would do that nowadays.

The traditional image most male s*x tourists have of the Land of Sm*les is probably like this:


But, in fact, many (maybe even most) of the girls still in the industry are long since past the first flush of youth and some are even matronly rather than nymphettish. An awful lot seem to have had at least one, and often several, children which doesn’t do wonders for your body and makes dancing naked for 7 to 8 hours a day not a viable proposition – hence they prefer to keep as many of their clothes on as possible.

However, the gogo bar owners are not giving up. In a couple of years, the main Asian countries are starting their own Common Market – a free trade and free movement area (without the political and bureaucratic monstrosity that is ruining Europe). This will mean that girls from poorer countries like Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia should be able to come and work in the Land of Sm*les – providing lots of fresh young meat for the gogo bar owners.

As for European female sex tourists, the lack of economic progress in Africa and the Carribbean means they’ll still be able to enjoy the pleasures they can’t get at home in dreary old Britain

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