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Our masters are taking us into a war that none of us want.

Reading the main papers yesterday and today, it’s clear that the Downing Street spin machine has been in action.  Article after article triumphantly tells us why we have to go war with Syria. There was even a piece in the Times yesterday from Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair extolling the joys of getting embroiled in another Middle East disaster. One paper – Torygraph – is even refusing to allow readers to comment on Cameron’s coming war.

So, I’ve been trawling through various websites to try to find our what people really think about our masters’ increasingly desperate attempts to get British troops involved in Syria. There seem to be 3 main themes:

1. No proof Assad even used chemical weapons

“Assad is winning. Why would he use the only thing that is sure to bring the West to his shores? Makes no sense. We should stay out of it. There’s plenty more worthy causes to fight.”

“If the Syrian Gov forces are winning this conflict then why unleash chemical weapons on innocent people when UN chemical weapons inspectors just happen to be in Damascus? This makes no sense. It makes more sense that the Rebels did this to pull the US in on their side. Always ask the question, WHO BENEFITS?”

“THIS IS MADNESS! there is no evidence at all that the Assad government was in any way responsible for the use of chemical weapons, and as Assad knows full well, to have done so would be to bring the wrath of the world down on him and his government. For the Western powers to unleash a war against Syria will involve a major escalation of hostilities in the Middle East. It could even lead to World War Three. Is that we want? Because it’s what we might well get. For God’s sake, STOP while there is still time!”

“How convenient that “unidentified” snipers prevent the inspection giving an weak excuse for bombings to take place. No proof exists that the regime carried out the attack and it’s looking increasingly likely that none will be required!!!!!”

“Wonder if these chemical weapons will turn out to be like those WMD’s that never materialised in that other famous #$%$ the yanks dragged us into? If it comes to a fight I vote that all the politicians kids who are old enough are stuck on the front line.”

2. Our leaders are liars and fools

‘”The Prime Minister and the US President say there are increasing signs an alleged gas attack was carried out by the Syrian regime”, and we should believe you both, why?’

“Alleged! Claims! Camoron and Obarmy! must be as frustrated as hell that this is not working out too well for them! and the rebels (terrorists) that they have been funding for so long!”

“Just a thought, what if this chemical attack is proved to have been carried out by the rebels, does that mean that Obama/Camoron/etc, will declare war on the rebels??”

‘”Cameron insisted that the strike did not mean that Britain was getting involved in a Middle Eastern war.” That must be the most idiotic statement made by any politician at any time, anywhere.’

“And what’s old chubby face going to do? Lick Obama’s boots, grovel and whine ‘Yes Sir, No Sir, Three Bags Full Sir!’ Stay out of it Cameron, I’m certain the MAJORITY of the British people don’t want another Iraq or Afghanistan, despite what that idiot with velopharyngeal insufficiency, Hague says. And you certainly don’t want to be stupid enough to mess with Russia and President Putin, now that would be a big mistake – huge!”

“Three questions please Mr Cameron 1/Are you certain Assad has used Chemical Weapons in the first place? 2/ Are you certain the Sniper Fire at The UN Jeep was from Assad`s Army? 3/Have you or Numbskull Hague ever been to SYRIA or even met Mr Assad ? I am fairly certain the answer to all three is NO NO NO .So can I suggest you stay with Sam Cam in Cornwall as we will all feel more at ease if you do

3. We’re just making enemies for ourselves

“Yes we have a responsibility to help the Syrian people BUT we also have a bigger responsibility to protect our own. How is starting a conflict with a country who counts Russia and Iran amongst its Allies a good idea? Russia is more than capable of dealing with the Syrian issue, let’s leave them to do that and try to avoid getting involved in something that could start WW3!!”

“So we’re off to war again unilaterally, without UN approval breaking all the rules again. America’s little attack dog without proper proof either. Trying to bring peace by blowing people up, what a bunch of warmongering idiots our leaders are. Still they won’t be dying will they, they just do the paperwork of death and despair.”

“The terrorists in Syria are religious crazy Islamists. Many are from Britain, fighting there before they come back here to terrorize us. Why are we backing the side in Syria that will return the country to the dark ages – like in Libya already, and like they’re trying to do in Egypt?”

By the way, it seems that UKIP are the only party that thinks idiots Cameron and Hague are taking us into a disaster:

This is what Nigel Farage says about our involvement in Syria “We must not engage in military attacks or send British troops to yet another foreign conflict on the whim of William Hague” he said.  “We’ve lost hundreds of lives in Iraq and Afghanistan the MoD budget is being slashed, resulting in thousands of job losses.   “How is it sensible to embark on another military intervention when the MoD is already struggling with substantial budget cuts and redundancies?  “It is not for us to act as world policemen particularly when there is still the question of who the rebels actually are. We’ve already seen links to extremists in their ranks.   “We cannot risk training soldiers and providing arms when they may be used against British troops and even civilians in the future.” Sensible UKIP, as always in tune with the British people, putting Britain first instead of warmongering Tories who ignore us.

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  • ross

    Individuals are stupid but rarely highly educated groups in organisations like the CIA, state dep etc, or certainly not stupid in the way you might think. There`s always a self-serving agenda in place and there’re hell bent on carrying it out whatever the consequences. Basically to contain and suppress Russia via geopolitical means and isolate Iran before eventually striking Iran for the benefit of the 1%. Like I say it doesn’t matter how many die just as long as the wider plan is seen through, pure sociopathy at work.

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