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Warmongering cowards Cameron and Hague back down for now. But what deceit will they use to start their war?

The good news is that after almost a week of belligerent war talk, spineless idiots Cameron and Hague started furiously back-peddling when they realised that around three quarters of the public and possibly a majority of MPs were opposed to their attempts to get Britain involved in the Syrian civil war.

Cameron and Hague had hoped to get their new war started before the end of the week. Now it looks like they’ll have to wait a few more days. We should breathe a sigh of relief that these two cretins haven’t got any backbone. Their hero Blair did at least have the courage to lie and lie and lie with his dodgy dossier to get his war with Iraq.

But we should be fearful. Cameron and Hague will be desperate not to lose face. They’ve jumped to conclusions about Assad’s complicity in a chemical weapons attack and need their war to justify their own stupidity. So, we can expect lots of fabricating evidence and lies and worse over the next few days as Cameron and Hague try to get their Middle East war.

They’ve already started by claiming that even if an attack on Syria is not strictly legal, it would be “justifiable” due to the intransigence of Russia and China on the UN Security Council. Perhaps they will look for some way to provoke the Syrian regime and then use that as an excuse for an attack. Or perhaps they will fall back on the “the world cannot stand idly by while Syria commits war crimes”. But the world is standing idly by. Out of over 200 countries, only three – Britain, France and the US (less than 1.5%) – actually want to attack Syria. Over 98.5% of countries want nothing to do with Cameron’s and Hague’s futile and potentially disastrous Middle East war.

Cameron must really envy his hero Tony Blair to be so eager to kill a few more people to bolster his own image of himself as a great international statesman:

Reading a recent report that David Cameron suffered from back pain, one newspaper reader responded “the most surprising part of this story is to learn that David Cameron has a backbone”.

Russia has described the West as acting in the Middle East like a monkey with a grenade. Brilliant and accurate. This is a picture of a monkey with a grenade:

And this is a photo of David Cameron trying to look dramatic as he rushes to start his attack on Syria:

Here’s something readers should know about ( It’s a report that several of the videos showing the 21 August chemical weapons attack were uploaded onto YouTube on 20 August – the day before the attack. There are two possible explanations for this. Either the “attack” was faked or else carried out by the rebels to provoke the West into attacking the Syrian government. Or else this is merely due to the fact that YouTube’s servers  are based in the US and are thus at least 7 hours behind Syrian time. But if the reason for the date discrepancy is that the servers are in a different time zone, the Syrian opposition were still remarkably quick in filming and uploading the alleged attack.

(Oh and before we all get wiped out in WWIII started by buffoons Cameron and Hague, it would be nice if a few people showed support for this website by buying copies of my latest book GREED UNLIMITED)

2 comments to Warmongering cowards Cameron and Hague back down for now. But what deceit will they use to start their war?

  • Paris Claims

    Has anyone in the conservative party got a backbone?
    They must be so desperate to cling on to office they have allowed this progressive to wreck the party. If there is any justice in the world UKip will romp home in the Euros and then the GE. Then all we can hope for is the Farage doesn’t sell out.

  • John Fields

    The overwhelming feeling in the country, plus many M.P.s is that we should keep
    our nose out of Syria. The Middle East is in chaos, a Muslim chaos, and we should be well out of it. It is time that the U.K., stopped providing American Presidents with our
    young men’ s lives. If Mr. Cameron wishes to make a war-like gesture, he should
    send the air-craft carrier that has no planes.

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