May 2024

Idiot Cameron makes Miliband look like a great statesman. Useless Miliband makes Cameron look like a prick

How does the worthless, self-opinionated bag of pus David Cameron do it? A week ago, things were looking great for him. The economy seemed to be coming out of recession. OK I know this was an illusion based on the Government borrowing £120bn a year that we can never pay back and Osborne’s idiotic idea of using taxpayer money to guarantee mortgages for people who can’t afford to buy a home. But most voters are too stupid to understand that. And anyway, with Miliband Junior being a complete and utter waste of skin and exposed as Ken McCluskey’s glove puppet, Cameron was beginning to look like he could win the 2015 General Election.

But then Cameron blew it. Boy did he blow it. For some reason, this pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister thought he could increase his standing by puffing himself up with moral indignation over a bunch of crazy Arabs killing another bunch of crazy Arabs. So Cameron tried to rush Britain into yet another pointless, unwinnable war in a Muslim country.

McCluskey’s glove puppet wobbled a bit and then declared he would not support a war with Syria until the UN weapons inspectors had done their report on the incident. (It’s a pity the glove puppet didn’t express the same reservations when Blair and Campbell used their dodgy dossier to get us into war with Iraq) Cameron was, of course, desperate to get his war started before the UN inspectors had a chance to conclude their work in case they didn’t prove what he wanted.

Suddenly, Cameron was left flapping helplessly in the wind looking like a complete and utter prick and had to back down from his war. Miliband, on the other hand, shot from zero to hero, from being a total toss-pot to being a calm and reasoned leader. Unbelievable!

Cameron, you are not only a liar, you are also incompetent, lazy, intellectually-inadequate and a disaster for Britain and the Tory Party. If you had a shred of decency, you’d resign now. Just go. Get your worthless lard arse out of Downing Street. You’ve got your wife’s many millions. Go spend it. But don’t ever show your flabby, conceited face in public again. Oh, and take that worthless, loud-mouthed cretin William Hague with you.

And, in case you were wondering, here is UKIP’s stance on Cameron’s war with Syria:

“UKIP say no to any UK military intervention in Syria. We have been in Afghanistan for longer than the first and second world wars put together and the benefits to the civilians of the country are marginally increased yet the price paid in money and blood by British troops is enormous.”

“There is no clear proof it was the Assad regime who used chemical weapons. We have no idea who the rebels are – a point UKIP has been making since the start and we opposed the arming of the rebels who it has been indicated have extremist Islamic elements.”

“The MoD is already struggling with budget cuts and troops are being made redundant, many with very few opportunities of jobs on civvy street during this economic decline.”

“It, quite simply, is not our business anyway. We are not world policemen. We saw a decade ago what happens with dodgy evidence being given to Parliament and we must not repeat the mistakes of Iraq.”

Looks like Farage got it right yet again.

2 comments to Idiot Cameron makes Miliband look like a great statesman. Useless Miliband makes Cameron look like a prick

  • Paris Claims

    Perhaps Cameron could remember his mission to export gay marriage around the world? He could start by visiting Syria, tracking down the cannibal rebel, and engage him is a discussion about the many joys of man-love. He could take Hague with him, and his role model, the special ME peace envoy.

  • shortchanged

    Yes David, it does seem like Nigel Farage has got it right again. Maybe I will get out of my usual apathetic state and vote Ukip, next time around. Worth a chance do you think? I’ve bought your book , by the way, better half now reading it.

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