April 2024

Want to bring your Asian relatives to Benefits Britain? BBC advises you to use the “Surinder Singh” route

– Is your family originally from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh?

– Do you have relatives still there who’d rather like to come and live in Benefits Britain?

– Are you a bit worried that even Britain’s hopelessly relaxed and rarely applied  immigration rules might be a problem?

Don’t worry. The BBC’s Asian Service can help. They advise you to use what’s called the “Surinder Singh” route to bypass British immigration rules

The BBC’s advice goes something like this:

1. New immigration rules covering family members and dependents were introduced in July 2012. These made it slightly more difficult to import umpteen members of your family and extended family into the UK

2. However, EU immigration rules supersede UK immigration rules and EU citizens have stronger migration rights than UK citizens when it comes to bringing in family members from outside Europe.

3. So, all you need to do is go and work in another EU country for just 3 months (Ireland is particularly popular as they speak English there, sort of) and then you qualify under EU rules rather than UK rules.

4. Then it’s really easy to bring family, extended family, people pretending to be extended family and pretty much anyone else into Britain to stay for the rest of their lives.

Come on! Bring you family and friends to Britain using the “Surinder Singh” route (as recommended by the BBC’s Asian Service) and they can all live happily ever after – at British taxpayers’ expense, of course.

And when your family members reach Britain, don’t forget to get them all copies of this helpful booklet available from the nice people at the DWP in any language you wish – no need to speak English:

It tells them about all the wonderful benefits they can claim from the moment they arrive in Benefits Britain. Bring them all to Britain – you know it’s worth it.

(Tomorrow – a look at all the loverly benefits you can get when you come to Benefits Britain)

9 comments to Want to bring your Asian relatives to Benefits Britain? BBC advises you to use the “Surinder Singh” route

  • I like the way that article illustrates how it works with the fictional example of “John” and “Jill”.

    Very popular Asian names, those, you know.

  • Paris Claims

    If there was any justice in this world, these lefties would be given a choice
    Death by hanging
    Deported, penniless, to Pakistan

  • Rod

    I think the main point I extract from the BBC article is the superiority of EU law over British law. The LibLabCon politicians have given away our sovereignty and are playing a charade in somehow trying to show that Wasteminster is still in charge, when in reality, Brussels calls the shots!

  • bernie

    Why is it people talk such rubbish when they do not know the true facts, The ss route has been around for years, the onlt reason it is being used by genuine british people, lets not for get these are people born in the uk, is solely because because the government in their infinite wisdome and their ability to con people like you who believe so much of what you read that the uk is being swamped with britons that have married a person from say america or australia or any other country not in the eu, the reality is these numbers are in fact very low , most people marry in their own country, but bear this in mind , if you went to the usa for a holiday , met and fell in love with a nice american man , i hope you have a really good paying job in the uk , because if you don’t you will not be coming back with your hubby, oh and just in case you did not know , if you do have a great paying job , way above the true national average, and you did come to the uk by normal visa ways your hubbby will not be able to claim any thing in benefits, i’m afraid this is yet again another government scare tactic, and it gets worse, if you happend to marry your hubby a couple of years ago, and brought him here before the new rules started, and now you are happy in your nice new home and he has a really well paid job as a doctor , say, if you are not working , at the 2.5 year review for his visa, he will be deported, so good luck to you if you think these new rules are a benefit to the uk, , the truth is all they are, are a way the government can say they are getting immigration down , but sadly they are not, all they are doing is stopping a tiny section of genuine british people from being with their love and their children, over all imigration is up mainly from eu countries, but the government can not stop this, all none eu people that marry british people clearly have stamped on their passport NO RECOURSE TO PUBLIC FUNDS,

  • roy

    public funded bbc telling of backdoor ways to bring more immigrants in to the system we cannot afford to maintain to care for the people we currently have living here never mind more. fact the vast majority of migrants hold low paid even minimum wage jobs which pays nothing in to the welfare state system purely because any benefits they take advantage of will far outweigh the small amounts of tax a low paid job puts in working tax credits subsidised housing free school dinners dental care doctors hospitals education interpreters children abroad claiming child benefit & the list is almost endless anything that is not free where they come from should not be free here to them & I mean anything because anything else is benefit tourism which is illegal under eu rules I bet the flow of immigrants would all but stop over night. Britain for the british so say I. migrants need Britain Britain don’t need migrants why would anybody want something that don’t bring some advantage’s to our once great country. I cant just arrive anywhere in the world & expect a better standard of living at somebody else’s expence so why should they be able to

  • anon

    This route is being used by BRITISH people who’s family lives are wrecked by harsh immigration law. BRITISH people are being exiled from their own country cos their other half is non EA.. Imagine being exiled and ignored by your own country and your family torn apart

  • Sandra S

    Why should I, a British OAP, subsidise this rubbish with my TV license fee and then see these people receive far more money than I can possibly hope to get?!?!
    We need to scrap the TV license fee once and for all. Other channels manage without stealing our money!!!

  • Winston Churchill

    Politics is the religion of stupidity and correctness is its god.

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