February 2023
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Our leaders’ great plan – give guns to the people who hate us

I’ll keep it short today.

Here’s a brief (1 min 30 secs) YouTube video of some Syrian “freedom fighters”. No, this time they’re not eating internal body parts of dead government soldiers. Here they’re celebrating the 9/11 attacks and the large number of Americans and others killed in the attacks.

These are the people to whom Obama, David “Winston” Cameron and William “Winston” Hague want to give guns and missiles and explosives. And when that isn’t enough, there’s no doubt that our “brave” leaders will find some excuse to send British soldiers to be slaughtered by British weapons given to people who hate us.

Why can’t our masters accept that the Syrian conflict is just a continuation of the 1,300-year-old struggle between Sunnis and Shiites over their slightly differing interpretations of the Koran? It’s not our problem. I believe that the vast majority of the British public think we should just let these animals get on with murdering each other and then, maybe in a couple of millennia, they’ll come to their senses and realise the whole thing was a bit of a waste.

A message to the well-paid, well-pensioned Cameron and Hague and Lord Hutton and all the Times and Telegraph journalists eagerly beating the war drums from the comfort and safety of their London offices – we don’t your war. You want another pointless Middle East war? Go fight it yourselves you cowardly, self-serving, greedy, expenses-fiddling, thieving, self-important, arrogant, hypocritical scum.

(Tomorrow – advice from the BBC on how to bring everyone you know to live in Benefits Britain)


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