March 2023
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For legal reasons I must be careful what I write about Charles Saatchi

Obviously, one has to be very careful when writing about a very rich individual. So I will be very careful as I’m very poor and don’t want to become even poorer – if that’s possible.

We now know that Mr Saatchi has accepted a police caution over what he called a “playful tiff” that was photographed at a London restaurant.

Some newspapers seem to suggest that this is not the first time Mr Saatchi has been involved in an incident or incidents that could be construed as being somewhat similar to what he called a “playful tiff”.

In 2005, the Guardian newspaper reported: “The court was told Mr Saatchi used “distortion, intimidation and evasion” tactics during a dispute over the use of communal spaces. During a row over the use of a disabled toilet, Mr Saatchi was said to have gone into a “deep rage” and demonstrated how he would grab a company director by the throat.”

Possibly commenting on the same incident, another newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, wrote: “During the case, the court heard allegations that Saatchi had gone into a deep rage and grabbed a Cadogan company director, Peter Caselton, by the throat in a row over the behaviour of a security guard.”

I would like to quote some of the things I believe to be written on pages 37, 38 and 39 of a 1996 book – Saatchi & Saatchi The inside story by Alison Fendley. But the excerpt I found on Google seems to have disappeared and I can’t find it on the other main search engines. So, until I buy the book, I will have to avoid quoting what seem to be several witnesses of Charles Saatchi’s behaviour as the material I saw on Google yesterday may or may not actually be in the book.

My father once advised me that “you hold a wine bottle by the neck and a woman by the waist”. Perhaps in his dotage, Mr Saatchi mistook his wife for a wine bottle?

On a more cheerful note, it has been brought to my attention that the year Global Warming stopped 1997, was the year Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were first elected. What can this mean? Did these two (IMHO) self-serving, lying fools destroy Britain’s weather as well as its economy? That’s something for the conspiracy theorists to get their teeth into.

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