December 2023
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Shock! Horror! Surprise! Amazement! Could the sun be responsible for global temperatures?

(My thanks to one of my readers for pointing out the stunningly obvious that none of the “experts” seem to have noticed)

If you put your sunglasses on and look up at the Sun, you’ll see it’s quite small. Smaller even than your finger nail. But the Sun is actually rather big – 1.3 million times bigger than  the Earth. Here’s a picture of the solar system with reasonably approximate planet sizes: (nb the distances are not to scale otherwise the picture wouldn’t fit on the website) (click on picture to see more clearly):

If you take the whole solar system, the Sun accounts for 99.86% of all the mass. That means the rest of the planets and asteroids only weigh 0.14%. Of the remaining 0.14%, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune account for 99%! So the Earth is quite small really.

And here’s another surprise. Well, at least it’s probably a surprise for the dopey, deluded warmists. The Sun is rather hot – about 27 million degrees at its core, but a mere 10 million or so degrees on its surface.

Looking at this picture, you have to decide what is likely to make the Earth hotter during one of its regular phases of warming – a few methane-loaded cow farts, people driving cars and Chinese coal-fired power stations? Or maybe that absolutely massive ball of fire (the Sun) which is worryingly close (eight light minutes away) to the Earth?

The warmists would have us believe it’s the methane-farting cows, cars and Chinese coal-fired power stations and that “warming” is nothing to do with the Sun, but man-made. Yet I think that anyone with just the tiniest amount of common sense, looking at the scale picture of our solar system, might tend to attribute changes in the Earth’s temperature to variations in the amount of heat and radiation produced by the ginormous ball of fire known as the Sun.

Which do you believe? Lying politicians and bogus government-funded “climate change” scientists or your own eyes?

“Global warming” is just another excuse for politicians to tax more and to exert their power over us. It’s time to call an end to this scam.

6 comments to Shock! Horror! Surprise! Amazement! Could the sun be responsible for global temperatures?

  • Andrew Baxter

    I think the warmists are beginning to look a little silly in view of the supposed mild cooling over the last 15 years or so, however the scale picture above doesn’t add much to the argument against global warming as it is only to approximate scale in terms of the sizes of the sun and planets not their relative distances. The earth is about 150,000,000 km from the sun and the sun’s diameter is less than 1% of that at 1,391,000 km.

    Always a good idea to check your facts! A good start is:

    I bought your book last month by the way and am enjoying it – expect a good rating on Amazon when I’ve finished.

  • Precisely. And there is more…

    The earth is tilted as it orbits the Sun, and that inclination ensures that the seasons rotate (not by much in terms of a lifetime; but by one degree every 72 years). That is why, in my old age, I remember a different climate pattern to what I experience now.

    Also, the Climate Change lobby’s main data is based upon ice core samples from Antarctica and Greenland (where ice still melts when the sun shines). In other words: they do not represent a true historical record (especially since seasonal rotation has not been factored in). Furthermore, even if we cleaned-up the data, it tells us nothing about what conditions were like in continental Europe, or the UK, during the period.

    The fact is that the Earth’s nebulous climate is the combined result of the Sun’s energy and the different gravitational pulls exerted upon it by our sister planets as they orbit the central star (just as our tides are controlled by the Moon).

    As you correctly point-out: ‘methane-loaded cow farts’ (just love that phrase) have absolutely no influence whatsoever.

  • Rod

    Of course, the polar ice caps on Mars have been melting too. It must be down to those pesky aliens with their 4×4’s and factories belching out CO2! Tax them some more I say.

    The picture I posted on my original comments a few days ago is clickable and allows you zoom in. It gives you an idea of how absolutely insignificant our planet is next to the Sun and in turn, how insignificant man and his activities are. Even when you click on the picture, it is not 3 dimensional, so cannot show the full extent of how tiny our planet is next to the Sun.

  • right_writes

    Guess what David…

    I have just bought your book…

    I suppose you want me to read it now?


  • Dan Giles

    I agree with Andrew on this. Using the temperature and size of the sun is not enough. You have to factor in the huge distances involved. The exposure to the sun goes down with the square of the distance, which is why we’re not frying to death. In short, this article is misleading and embarrassing.

  • And there is now even more 🙂

    New evidence proves existence of space wind:

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