Why Romanians want their 1.5 million gypsies to move to Benefits Britain

Here’s a comment a Romanian reader (living in the UK, I think) posted on this blog after reading about Romanian gypsies coming to Benefits Britain:

“I hope that all million or so Romanian nationals like those in the pictures would move permanently to UK. Because those people are exclusively gypsies and hopefully all of them […]

Are UK house prices a bubble about to burst? (Part 2)

Yesterday I showed a chart of UK property prices and compared these to the current bubble in gold and silver prices. UK property prices are now around 5.5 times average earnings – down from a high of 6.5 times at the top of the market in 2007, but well above the long-term average of 4.2 […]

Are UK house prices a bubble about to burst? (Part 1)

This is a bubble:

This is the way a bubble inflates and then bursts:

These are the prices of gold and silver – these look like bubbles:

This is the graph of UK house prices compared to average earnings. Are house prices at realistic levels held up by supply not satisfying demand? […]

Let’s imagine Britain after over a million Romanians and Bulgarians move here

Today I’d like to show some pictures of what Britain will look like once hundreds of thousands (probably over a million) impoverished Romanians and Bulgarians move here.

Many will work hard:

So will their children:

Our town centres will be busy:

Very busy:

Our benefits system will shower money on the […]

Why dumb Britain will vote for Balls and national bankruptcy

The four most important issues facing Britain are probably 1. Our rapidly rising national debt 2. Will we surrender our sovereignty to the corrupt, wasteful EU? 3. The tsunami of immigration from Romanian and Bulgaria about to overwhelm us 4. Will we commit economic suicide by sticking to the (totally unnecessary) carbon reduction targets in […]

What do unemployment figures tell us about different ethnic groups’ willingness to work?

Today, I’ve got to be really really careful – it’s definitely ‘tiptoeing on broken glass’ time. One wrong word and I’ll be accused of racism by the usual politically-correct handwringers. So I’ll just show the official unemployment rates by the main ethnic groups and raise a couple of issues:

1. Unfortunately, these figures don’t […]

Only 753 days to go – 753 days before Ed “borrow-borrow” Balls becomes our next chancellor

Yes I know Cameron is a spineless liar and I know Osborne is an incompetent, economically-ignorant buffoon who should have stuck to folding napkins in Selfridges (the only proper job he has ever had). But bad as Britain’s situation is, I think that anyone with even the slightest understanding of current affairs – about 6% […]

Calling all Romanians and Bulgarians – you’d be mad not to come to Benefits Britain!

Our Government refuses to tell us how many Romanians and Bulgarians will come to Benefits Britain. So, I’ll tell you – between one and two million. How do I know? Because Italy and Spain have removed restrictions and there are 997,000 Romanians and over 70,000 Bulgarians in Italy and 920,000 Romanians and 170,000 Bulgarians in […]

Britain after the 2015 election?

Where will Chancellor Ed Balls find £50bn? By squeezing anyone who has a decent home or has savings!

By the time the self-delusional, economically-ignorant, financially-incontinent Ed Balls becomes our next chancellor in May 2015, our national debt will have passed £1.4trn (100% of GDP). A year later, debt will be over £1.52trn (almost 110% of GDP). A general rule of thumb is that a country is bankrupt when government debt hits 120% of […]