June 2024

Calling all Romanians and Bulgarians – you’d be mad not to come to Benefits Britain!

Our Government refuses to tell us how many Romanians and Bulgarians will come to Benefits Britain. So, I’ll tell you – between one and two million. How do I know? Because Italy and Spain have removed restrictions and there are 997,000 Romanians and over 70,000 Bulgarians in Italy and 920,000 Romanians and 170,000 Bulgarians in Spain. Given that Britain has more jobs and more generous benefits than Italy or Spain, we can expect at least a million (probably closer to two million) to come here.

And when they arrive, they can all get a helpful booklet from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in their own languages which explains all the benefits they can claim (see below)

A worker in either country will probably only earn about £175-£200 per month. So here’s just a taste of what they’ll be given if they move to Benefits Britain.

The DWP says the average claimant (across all nationalities) receives £390 a month in housing benefits and £65 a month in council tax benefits. They can also claim £88 a month for their first child and £58 a month for any child after that. It means someone with three children could collect £660 a month in benefits – three times what they can earn working in their own countries. If they have five or six children, they’ll be pocketing what for them would seem a fortune. Then when you add in unemployment benefits, jobseekers’ allowance, disability living allowances and God knows what else, most Romanian and Bulgarian families will get four to five times as much in benefits in Benefits Britain than they would from working in their own countries. Plus they’ll get free schooling and free healthcare.

And this, of course, doesn’t include the huge amounts Romanians and Bulgarians can earn from sending their children out to beg or steal and which they can get from burglary, metal theft, faked car crashes and all sorts of other money-making schemes. And they can be secure in the knowledge that our useless, politically-correct police won’t act against them for fear of being called racist by the BBC.

So you have to wonder – why would any of the 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians remain in their own countries when they can live what will seem to them a life of luxury in Benefits Britain?

Of course, that nice Mr Cameron says he’s clamping down on people who move to Britain just for the benefits. But given that it’s Barroso not Cameron, who decides who can come to Britain and what benefits they can get, we can pretty much ignore anything Cameron promises.

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