September 2022
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Why Romanians want their 1.5 million gypsies to move to Benefits Britain

Here’s a comment a Romanian reader (living in the UK, I think) posted on this blog after reading about Romanian gypsies coming to Benefits Britain:

I hope that all million or so Romanian nationals like those in the pictures would move permanently to UK. Because those people are exclusively gypsies and hopefully all of them would leave Romania, leaving us, ethnic Romanians (85% of Romania’s population) free of them and the troubles they bring. Seeing their back is worth the humiliations we all, ethnic Romanians, are suffering in UK because of the gypsies. Take them and rejoice for the cultural enrichment they will bring. Oh, I will move back to Romania…”

And here’s a photo of a manhole cover:

Enjoy looking at it as, once a million or more Romanian gypsies move here, manhole covers will be a rare sight – holes in the road will be more common:


And here’s photo of a swan:

Enjoy looking at this too. Because, once our new arrivals find out that barbecued swan is both delicious and free, there won’t be too many swans left in Britain:

3 comments to Why Romanians want their 1.5 million gypsies to move to Benefits Britain

  • John Fields

    Every day of my life I hear and read about the forthcoming invasion of
    great numbers of Romanions and Bulgarians. Is the government deaf, daft or
    uncaring. It may be that these people can accomplish what neither Hitler or
    Napoleon could do.

  • Ingrid Meine

    Hello and thanks for the insightful blogs-for those of us living outside the UK-it would be most interesting to understand how the benefits system originated? i.e.why/when it was started, by whom and how it has expanded etc- as to outsiders like me -it seems to be sheer lunacy and I would really appreciate reading “history of benefits for dummies”
    thanks and regards

  • Gypsy Lad

    The more Roma that enter Britain the better. At the moment it Britain is filled with is parasitical tory worshipping brits. We NEED diversity. There are too many Brits with their nose up their own asses.

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