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Why dumb Britain will vote for Balls and national bankruptcy

The four most important issues facing Britain are probably 1. Our rapidly rising national debt 2. Will we surrender our sovereignty to the corrupt, wasteful EU? 3. The tsunami of immigration from Romanian and Bulgaria about to overwhelm us 4. Will we commit economic suicide by sticking to the (totally unnecessary) carbon reduction targets in Ed Miliband’s ludicrous Climate Change Act?

On the subject of our national debt. As I’ve written before, this is increasing by £120bn a year, £329m a day, £14m an hour, £233,000 a minute, £3,900 per second. However, if you ask the great British public about this, over ninety per cent haven’t the slightest clue that our national debt is even going up. One piece of research is shown in the picture below:

An astonishingly gormless 70% of potential voters believe the Coalition is reducing our national debt. These dickheads (the majority of Brits) don’t understand the difference between “deficit” and “debt”. Then there’s another wonderfully stupid 21% who seem convinced that running a deficit of £120bn a year doesn’t add anything to our national debt. And finally, there’s a mere 9% who realise that if you keep borrowing, your debt increases.

Given the political and economic illiteracy of around 91% of Brits, I’m finding it difficult to think of anything to write here. If 91% of potential voters don’t understand that continuously borrowing money leads to greater debt, how are they going to make an intelligent choice at the 2015 general election?

In despair, I can only conclude that Ed “borrow-borrow” Balls will be our next chancellor and that when our debt hits 120% of GDP around 2017, 91% of British voters will be rather surprised when international markets lose confidence in Britain’s finances, the interest we pay on our national debt shoots up to unsustainable levels, the value of the pound plummets and that nice Mr Balls is forced to impose cripplingly punitive (confiscatory) taxes on the £4trn we hold in savings and pensions.

Still, looking on the bright side – anyone with savings will be impoverished so we really will all be in it together, apart of course from politicians, bureaucrats and bankers who will continue to plunder our money at will.

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  • Paris Claims

    The 90% won’t realise what is going on ’till
    1) Their benefits dry up (or they’re mugged by someone who’s benefits have been stopped)
    2) Tax rises are coming in so thick and fast they’ve no money left to pay for sky TV, bingo, booze or football.
    3) Their local hospital or school has to shut down.

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