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What do unemployment figures tell us about different ethnic groups’ willingness to work?

Today, I’ve got to be really really careful – it’s definitely ‘tiptoeing on broken glass’ time. One wrong word and I’ll be accused of racism by the usual politically-correct handwringers. So I’ll just show the official unemployment rates by the main ethnic groups and raise a couple of issues:

1. Unfortunately, these figures don’t split out Chinese as an ethnic group. If they did, I imagine that the unemployment rate amongst Chinese immigrants would be somewhere around one or two per cent.

2. Very interesting is the extremely high unemployment amongst Pakistanis and Bangladeshis (most of whom would be Muslims). I’m sure the professional handwringers would blame this high unemployment on racial discrimination rather than a disinclination to work and a tendency to prefer living off benefits in these two communities. But then, why is unemployment so much lower amongst Indians (most of whom would be Hindus)? After all, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians all come from the same geographical area and should suffer from similar levels of supposed “discrimination”. Could the high unemployment amongst Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and low unemployment amongst Indians suggest there are some cultural differences between Muslims and Hindus which make it more likely that Hindus will be employed? Could it be that Hindus value education and self-reliance, whereas ……..?

I know what I think. But I would probably be prosecuted by the police for expressing my opinion. With only around 2,000 burglaries happening in Britain every single day, our police apparently have plenty of time to persecute anyone daring to express politically-incorrect views – it’s much easier than catching burglars.

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  • Paris Claims

    The unemployment figures come as no surprise to those who know a little about the “religion of peace”.
    It would be interesting to see some data on the employment status of the followers of the R of P. Many appear to have been fastracked into jobs with the border agency and customs & excise and other govt departments. Quite a large percentage of those that do bother to work will be self employed in cash businesses such as mini cabbing, take aways, and convenience stores. From my own experience of dealing with them ( as a mortgage broker) they all claim eye-watering amounts of benefits even though they struggle to speak the lingo and fill out forms. Even though business is crap at the moment, I won’t deal with them now. Seeing a family of bangladeshis sponging £300pw in benefits, whilst running a cash business, is not good for my blood pressure.

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