June 2021
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Those Muslims really know how to treat a lady

I saw a sight yesterday that would gladden the hearts of Britain’s multiculturalists – those who believe that Britain’s immigrant communities should keep their own traditions rather than conforming to a more British way of behaving.

Two young (mid 20s) Muslim men were walking along with their wives/partners/girlfriends. An argument broke out between one of the couples and after an angry exchange of words, the woman stalked off. Her man ran after her, grabbed her by the arm, swung her round to face him and then slapped her hard across the face. This seemed to remind her who was boss and she dutifully followed her man, walking a few paces behind him, the argument over.

How nice to see such old traditions still preserved.

About a week or two ago, a Saudi cleric was found guilty of raping and beating his 5-year old daughter to death. Naturally, the Islamic court found that the 5-year old girl was largely to blame for what happened to her and the cleric just had to pay a small fine before being allowed to continue his duties as a priest and father to his other children.  I just love these quaint old traditions, don’t you?

It will be a wonderful day when the politically-correct multiculturalists get their way and Sharia Law is introduced in Britain. It will certainly add to our country’s diversity. And as the multiculturalists are forever telling us, diversity is a good thing for our society.


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