February 2023
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Let us give thanks to Alistair Buchanan – he’s also helping cut public spending by getting rid of useless old people

Yesterday I pointed out the debt of gratitude we all owe Sir David Nicholson for his efforts to cut public spending by getting rid of useless old people in his filthy, faeces-festooned hospital wards. But there is another man who has also done much to cut public spending by culling the numbers of costly doddery old people. That man is Alistair Buchanan – Head of the useless, supine and (IMHO) utterly corrupt supposed energy redulator Ofgem.

Since 2007, the amount of our money Ofgem spends on itself has shot up from £38.8m to over £78.7m. Why such a huge increase? Nobody knows, though presumably much of the extra money found its way into the pockets of Mr Buchanan and his cronies, no doubt as generous bonuses.

Ofgem has done wonders helping power companies make 3 to 4 times as much profit in Britain as they do in their properly regulated home markets. For example on sales of £7.1bn, EDF – a company 83% owned by the French Government – made profits of £1.85bn (an astonishing 22%). And Scottish Power, owned by Spanish Iberdrola, could afford to make an £800m load to its US subsidiary when US regulators insisted it live up to its investment commitments and has recently increased its debt while paying Iberdrola a £890m dividend.

Ofgem’s efforts to let our mostly foreign-owned power companies fleece us has resulted in Britain having hugely inflated power prices. The charity Age UK have calculated that last winter about 22,000 elderly people died prematurely because they couldn’t afford to heat their homes properly. If we do the maths and assume each old person costs about £10,000 a year and each of those killed by Mr Buchanan’s high energy costs dies 3 years ahead of schedule, then these 22,000 deaths are saving us about £660m a year. That’s money we can take from people who have worked and paid taxes all their lives and we can give to benefits scroungers and scum from the Third World who come to live lives of luxury in Benefits Britain at taxpayers’ expense.

So well done Sir David Nicholson and well done Alistair Buchanan. While others witter on about cutting public spending, both of you have done something. Both of you are men of action – the kind of men we need if we are to save the £30bn we’re going to need to pay for the 1 to 2 million Bulgarian and Romanian families about to invade Benefits Britain.

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