November 2020
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Surely our government should only borrow at times of national emergency?

I think we can agree that when a government borrows money, there are two pernicious results. Firstly, tens of billions of pounds get diverted into yearly interest payments, when they could be used to create jobs and growth. Secondly, massive debts are built up which have to be paid some day in the future and which will cripple the economy for generations to come.

So there is an old-fashioned economic theory that governments should only borrow during times of national emergency – the First and Second World Wars for example (not the pointless Iraq and Afghan invasions).

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the reasons our government borrows money: 1. So multi-national companies (often Internet-based) which make hundreds of billions of profit in the UK each year don’t have to pay taxes. 2. So 2 million Brits who can’t be arsed to work, can live in comfort while 2 million East Europeans do the jobs the Brits don’t want to do. 3. So Brits can keep breeding even though many of them can’t afford the children they produce. 4. So we can give £12.6bn a year in foreign aid to the world’s most corrupt countries and so that over £10bn of this gets stolen by Third World politicians and bureaucrats. 5. So the left-wing BBC can pay over 360 managers more than £100,000 a year each and can give hundreds of thousands of pounds in payoffs to anyone who leaves either due to incompetence or just because they’re off to take another job.

6. To support 650 overpaid, expenses-fiddling MPs when we only need about 200. 7. So that almost 900 Lords can SOSO (Sign On and Sod Off) claiming huge expenses in the process. 8. So we can spend £30bn on housing, education, healthcare and benefits for the one million Romanian and Bulgarian families that will move to Benefits Britain over the next few years. 9. So more than 100,000 public-sector managers can earn more than £100,000 a year each making them members of the “100,000 Club” 10. So more than 100,000 public-sector employees can have pension pots worth over £1m each when they retire

I could go on. But I willl spare you more laughable reasons why our government keeps adding to our debt levels in a kamikaze policy of borrowing that will crush any chance of economic growth, but which keeps the rich getting richer at our expense.

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