June 2024

It looks like David “Winston” Cameron will get his war – another pointless exercise in futility

“Oh what a lovely war” must be the song that our great leader David “Winston” Cameron is singing at the moment. His hero Blair started (but never finished) a couple of pretty impressive wars. Cameron also wants  a war or two to show what a great, principled leader he is (and to distract our attention from his mishandling of the economy). He tried to send British troops to Syria. Why? Who knows? Syria belongs to Syrians, not to the Notting Hill elite.

With Mali, “Winston” Cameron has his chance. The worthless fool leading France (also wanting to demonstrate leader-sized cojones) has sent in a few hundred cheese-eating surrender monkeys equipped with white flags into Mali to kill some Muslims and protect France’s mining interests there. Perhaps forgetting that it was the cheese-eating surrender monkeys who gleefully sold Exocet missiles to Argentina to kill British service personnel during the Falklands conflict, “Winston” has rushed to provide British support claiming we are entering a “generational conflict”. Were Britain to invade some Third World shit-hole, it’s rather doubtful that France would be supporting us.

Cameron’s claims of a “generational conflict” are total and utter borrocks. In most countries, radical Islam is just the new Communism – a violent reaction of the dispossessed and those without hope against corrupt, greedy, incompetent, kleptocratic ruling elites. So what does Cameron do? Yes, he sends British troops to kill those fighting against their worthless, greedy, venal leaders. And idiot Cameron does this to protect French economic interests while cutting the British army from 102,000 to 82,000.

The result of Cameron’s warlust will just be to make millions of Muslims hate us even more, increase the risk to British interests abroad and at home and whip up a “generational conflict” that is completely unnecessary. If Cameron and his advisers had any understanding of history, they would realise the radical Islam is just the new Communism and helping corrupt leaders suppress their own people will backfire spectacularly against us.

Oh, and by the way Mr Cameron, starting another “lovely” war won’t help you get re-elected!

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