May 2021
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MP Keith “Vazeline” Vaz says public losing confidence in police. Pots and kettles?

That great parliamentarian, Labour MP Keith Vaz, has once again graced us with his great wisdom as he claims that events like Hillsborough and Plebgate have caused the public to lose confidence in the integrity of the police. A politician questioning the integrity of the police? Immediate thoughts of pots and kettles? After all, how much confidence do the public have in the integrity of our politicians?

But Mr Vaz is not just any ordinary politician. Reportedly his nickname in the Commons is “Vazeline” as he has been involved in scandal after scandal after scandal, but nothing ever sticks. Why? Probably because he is Britain’s longest-serving Asian MP and has been protected by Labour Party bosses as he is seen as crucial to getting the Asian vote.

Mr Vaz has been the subject of not one but two parliamentary enquiries into his (lack of?) integrity. He once resigned as a minister – supposedly for “health reasons” though he seems to be awfully healthy to me. The Telegraph revealed that he had claimed £75,000 in expenses for a flat in Westminster even though his £1m+ family home was just 12 miles from Parliament and he flipped his second home twice in one year.

I have also been told that Mr Vaz was “hosted” by accountants Deloittes when a Deloittes team headed by the lovely Fred “the shred” Goodwin allegedly defrauded BCCI creditors (many of them Mr Vaz’s constituents) of over £30m. This is, of course, just hearsay. But it’s not the first time the honourable Mr Vaz has been linked with the “dark side”. Indeed, Mr Vaz’s “integrity” is so questionable that even the grovellingly pro-Labour and pro-Asian Guardian seemed to celebrate when Vaz was criticised following one of the two parliamentary enquiries into his not always transparent financial affairs. The Guardian’s leader headline was “THE RIGHT ENDING Elizabeth Filkin finally nails Keith Vaz”.

Like probably most of the public, I believe virtually all our MPs are lying, hypocritical, expenses-fiddling, thieving, selfish, incompetent scum. Moroever, they are largely unnecessary as we don’t need 650 MPs any more. With the EU and regional assemblies making most of our laws, 200 MPs would be quite enough. So, perhaps our arrogant, self-serving politicians should be a little more circumspect when criticising parts of the public sector (like the police) which may be going through a crisis in public confidence, but are still held in much higher regard than our worthless, corrupt, own-nest-feathering politicians.

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