February 2024
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Our politicians lie – but the numbers tell the truth

In Westminster, our useless, greedy, expenses-thieving politicians play a well-paid, futile game. On the one side, liars Cameron and Osborne pretend they’re cutting public spending and ‘rebalancing the economy’ to fix the mess made by Labour. On the other, liars Miliband and Balls pretend to know nothing about how Labour wrecked the country through overspending, waste and uncontrolled immigration and incredibly accuse the Tories of cutting ‘too far and too fast’.

But while politicians lie, the numbers tell the truth:

Budget deficit – after falling in 2011, the highest it has been since the 2010 election

Income and capital gains taxes – some good news – slightly increasing as more people get jobs

Corporation tax – collapsing as more companies realise they don’t need to pay it and as more of our money goes to those companies who choose not to pay tax – more advertising to Google and more buying to Amazon.

Interest payments – being artificially held down by the BoE magicking money out of thin air to buy government debt.

Benefits – going up, up, up as the PIIGS’ economies collapse and their people head for a better life in benefits Britain. The situation is bad now – but just wait till 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians are allowed to leave their impoverished, corrupt, sh-thole countries and live a life of comparative luxury in benefits Britain with free schooling, free housing, free healthcare and plenty of money to buy a few large flatscreen TVs for their taxpayer-paid homes.

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