February 2024
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The good news – US and Asia are recovering: the bad news – UK and EU are not

Yesterday, US economic growth hit 3.1% – around ten times the growth rates we have in Britain and the Eurozone. As for Asia – growth rates are anywhere from 5% to 8% a year depending on the country. Asia is booming. Our lying politicians tell us they’re working hard to stimulate economic growth, but where are the results? In spite of more than ten key supposedly “successful” summit meetings, Eurozone leaders have actually delivered massive economic collapse and soaring unemployment in some countries (the PIIGS) and stagnation in others (except Germany). In Britain, our part-time, work experience, lying chancellor knows nothing, understands nothing and does nothing.

(Apologies for the poor quality of the chart, but I think the top three lines are Canada, Germany and the US. The bottom three lines are Italy, the UK and Japan).

Of course, like his useless lying predecessor Brown, useless napkin-folder Osborne blames the Eurozone and the US and everyone else for his failure. But if other countries can grow, why has Britain had a triple-dip recession?

OK, it’s easy to criticise – so, what should the Coalition have done?

To improve the economy Abolish Corporation Tax and replace it by retention of a part of VAT. This would double the tax take from businesses from £44bn to around £100bn and encourage foreign companies to move to Britain creating jobs here. Put all central government departments, quangos and public-sector administrators on a 4-day week. This would both save £100m a week and challenge the culture of spend and waste that grew under Brown. This money could be used to build over 100,000 new homes creating tens of thousands of new jobs. After 6 months, many should be put on a 3-day week. Set a maximum public-sector pension of average earnings – about £25,000 a year. Increase constituency size to cut the number of MPs at the next election to around 300. Made any member of the House of Lords sign in four times each day to claim their expenses to end the SOSO (Sign On Sod Off) culture. Cut the BBC’s budget by 5% a year for the next 5 years, so the BBC can focus on public-service broadcasting, instead of producing the kind of crap the commercial channels specialise in. Withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and let the Afghans rot in a hell of their own making. Stop all aid to corrupt Third World  countries.

To change our culture of people demanding something for nothing Set a minimum age for council housing and housing benefit of 25 – if people want to have children earlier that they can’t afford, they can live with their parents. Restrict access to benefits to British citizens and only give benefits to people born abroad after they have worked and paid taxes in Britain for 5 years. Replace cash benefits with a card that can only be used to buy food – not alcohol, cigarettes, Playstations and large flatscreen TVs. Stop giving full citizenship to new arrivals. Instead, give provisional passports that automatically get withdrawn for ten years if the person or any dependent commits any criminal offence, however trivial. Withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and replace this with a UK charter of responsibilities and rights.

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