February 2023
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Mr Cameron – we can’t afford to pay £30bn to Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants

At some point in 2013, under EU rules 21.4 million Romanians and 7.5 million Bulgarians will be able to move to Britain. In the last few years, around 3 million Romanians and 580,000 Bulgarians have left their dirty, corrupt, worthless, impoverished countries for a better life in the EU’s richest countries. And who can blame them?

So, what will happen when all Romanians and Bulgarians get the right to move to Britain either to work or, more likely, to claim benefits from the most generous benefits system in the EU?

Let’s assume “only” one million families move to benefits Britain. If they do want to work, they will take jobs that could have gone to Brits. Although most will probably just claim benefits. Either way, that means one million more families which will get free schooling, free healthcare, free housing and a fortune in benefits, child payments and many other allowances. Assuming it costs about £30,000 a year for each family in benefits, schooling, health, housing, translation services and other bits and pieces – that’s an extra £30bn (more than £1,000 per taxpayer) that British taxpayers are going to have to pay to people who have contributed nothing to this country. If 2 million families move here (and they’d be stupid not to) it will cost us £60bn a year – money we don’t have.

So what is our government doing? Nothing. And what will Labour do when they win the 2015 election? Nothing. Why? Because none of the main political parties has the courage to be politically incorrect and admit that the arrival of a million or more Romanian and Bulgarian families will be an economic and social catastrophe for Britain.

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