February 2024
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Yipee! Useless, wasteful, politically-correct BBC says nobody responsible for anything

Whatever the Government tries to do, the useless, wasteful, politically-correct BBC always manages to find thousands of supposed “victims” whose lives will supposedly be “ruined”. It never seems to occur to the BBC that people have to take some responsibility for their own lives. This search for victims usually reaches a crescendo at around Christmas.

This morning the BBC excelled itself by highlighting the case of a 30-year-old female doctor who had “struggled with anorexia for years” and was found dead in her London flat after starving herself. Who was responsible? The Government of course. The brutal cuts to the NHS, according to the BBC, meant the doctor didn’t get the help she needed. But there have been no cuts to the NHS budget, In fact, the NHS is getting around twice as much money as it did a decade ago. Moreover, didn’t the doctor’s parents have any responsibility? Not according to the BBC. Didn’t the doctor herself have any responsibility? After all, she was a doctor and so knew what she was doing and where she could get help. Not according to the BBC. No, the Government was responsible and the only solution was to give billions more of our money to incompetent, overpaid, worthless NHS managers to waste. Remember, in 1997 the NHS had over 8 beds per manager. But because the NHS has doubled the number of managers while reducing the number of beds, there are now just 3.5 beds per manager.

Talking of useless, overpaid, overpromoted, unnecessary managers, the BBC could teach the NHS a thing or two. There are about 40 BBC managers earning more than the Prime Minister and over the last few years the BBC has wasted around £277m of our money giving unbelievably generous redundancy payments to its own staff – some of whom immediately returned to their old BBC jobs minutes after getting 5-figure redundancy payments. Within this £277m, was £8m of our money handed to just 20 no doubt delighted BBC executives – an average of £400,000 each.

It’s time to cut the worthless BBC down to size by reducing its budget by 5% (£150m) a year for the next five years and to force the BBC to produce what its charter says – public service broadcasting. Producing crap and reality shows and celeb garbage should be left to the increasing number of commercial TV stations.

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