December 2023
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Beware the holiday jet ski scam – here’s a great Youtube video

The good news – I’m off on holiday soon to Thailand. The bad news – my dear wife is coming with me, so no fun and games for me – just looking at temples and elephants etc. Anyway, I checked out what other travelllers were reporting and came across what I think is a brilliant video on

The video shows three tourists being caught by the “jet ski scam”. You may know it – you’re on a beach holiday and rent a jet ski for half an hour or so. When you get back, the guy renting it to you checks it for damage, miraculously finds a dent or scratches in the paintwork and then demands £50, £100 or even £200 or more from you in compensation. You claim that you didn’t do any damage, but find yourself surrounded by the other jet ski renters and the situation starts to turn ugly. So you pay up just to avoid any more trouble.

Here’s a video from Thailand where someone filmed three tourists getting scammed. I found it shocking and interesting how the jet ski renters ramp up their hostility and threats and even call a policeman (who is in on the scam) to put pressure on the tourists to pay up.

Hope you enjoy it and hope you think twice before renting a jet ski next time you or anyone you know head for the sun on holiday.

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