September 2020
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Could Alistair Darling have won the 2015 election for Labour? And are we really going to let Balls bankrupt us all?

You hardly want to open a newspaper nowadays as the useless Tories stumble from one shambles to another. Child benefit is just the latest easily foreseeable disaster. You wonder if there’s anybody in the Coalition with even the slightest modicum of intelligence. Certainly Liar Cameron and Napkin-folder Osborne have shown themselves to be devoid of any understanding of anything.

So, it’s no wonder Labour are leading in the polls. In fact, the only thing holding Labour back from completely overwhelming the Tories is the repulsive, bullying, reality-denying creature Edward Balls. Balls’s latest trip into the absurd has been to deny that there was any public-spending deficit under the last Labour catastrophe. Hold on Edward, our debt shot up from £312bn in 2000 to £500bn in 2007 and £760bn in 2010 – and you claim there was no structural deficit!

I suspect that if Alistair Darling were Shadow Chancellor, then there would be no doubt that Labour would massacre the Coalition in 2015. But Miliband is the public-sector union bosses’ whore and must do what they tell him. That’s why Miliband made election-losing Balls Shadow Chancellor rather than election-winning Darling. Unfortunately for us, the Tories have been so incompetent that it looks like the appalling Balls will be strutting into Downing Street in just 30 months – God help us all!



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