April 2024

Overpaid, overpensioned, arrogant, incompetent BBC bosses run rings around our useless MPs

Once again a committee of self-important, grandstanding, intellectually-challenged MPs calls in the TV cameras so it can be filmed supposedly giving someone a grilling. In this case it was the BBC’s Director General, George Entwistle, and one of his grey sidekicks whose name I can’t be bothered to remember. Yet again it was lights, camera but no action. A bumbling Entwistle ran rings around our useless MPs. Either he couldn’t remember anything or else he claimed he couldn’t say anything until the supposedly independent BBC enquiries had reported their findings. But, of course, these supposedly independent enquiries would be reporting to BBC bosses, not to us taxpayers who pay for BBC bosses’ lavish lifestyles.

Let’s just remember how much BBC bosses pay themselves. The £816,000+ a year Mark Thompson and the £513,000+ a year Mark Byford may have thankfully gone. But there are plenty of highly-paid, highly-pensioned paedophile-protecting BBC bosses still in place. About 310 managers at the BBC earn over £100,000 a year with 135 of these pocketing more than the Prime Minister. And these are not big stars. They are mostly pointless, self-serving, greedy, sycophantic bureaucrats who contribute little to nothing to the service the BBC should be providing.

It’s time to cut the BBC down to size. Its budget should be reduced by 5% a year for the next five years (as should the licence fee). And the BBC should cut its output by a quarter and focus on providing public-service broadcasting leaving churning out trash to the many and increasing number of commercial channels. It’s time for Auntie to go on a serious crash diet.

Moreover, perhaps all managerial salaries at the BBC should be cut by a quarter and the money saved put into a fund to pay damages to all the people abused by Savile and the other BBC-based paedophiles? After all, why should licence-payers get fleeced yet again to pay for the largest paedophile ring cover-up in British history? What do you think, Mr Entwistle?

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