October 2023
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I got shafted by the Daily Mail – can you help me sell copies of GREED UNLIMITED?

Just before my latest book GREED UNLIMITED was published, the serialisation rights were sold to the Daily Mail features. The plan was that the Daily Mail would do a big article based on my book. But then there was a problem. As far as I understand the situation, it was as follows:

GREED UNLIMITED came out at the same time as the Tory party conference. It seems that the Daily Mail decided to take the editorial line that David Cameron was a hero, that his conference speech was pure genius and that he was going fight back from the dreadful bungling of the last few months, win the next election and save the country from the ghastly Miliband and Balls. Given this decision to back Cameron, an article based on GREED UNLIMITED which criticised Cameron wasn’t too welcome. Result – the article based on GREED UNLIMITED got spiked and will now never appear. But by that time it was too late to go to another newspaper with the story.

Unfortunately for me (and my finances), this means nobody knows about the book and I’m unlikely to sell any copies. To me it seems a waste as I did a lot of work to find material for the book, GREED UNLIMITED is not a bad book and it would be better if the copies were read, rather than chucked into the rubbish skip.

So, if there’s anything you can do to help – buy some copies for yourselves and friends, tell people about the book, email contacts with the link to the book on Amazon suggesting they consider buying it and so on, that would be much appreciated.

Here’s the link to GREED UNLIMITED on Amazon

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