February 2024
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Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, isn’t it?

I believe Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Of course, some neanderthals might disagree that Islam promotes peace. They might point to the the fact that in Iraq and Syria, Muslims are enthusiastically slaughtering each other. In Indonesia and Nigeria Muslims are forever fighting with Christians. In Egypt, murdering Coptic Christians seems to be a bit of a national sport. In Thailand and Myanmar, there is repeated violence between Muslims and Buddhists. In India/Pakistan, when Muslims aren’t bashing each other, they often have huge punch-ups with the HIndus. In the Middle East, most right-minded Muslims want to obliterate Israel and finish the job our German friends started by wiping out the Jews. And across the world, hundreds of millions of Muslims loathe the free West and would dearly like to see the Great Satan America destroyed.

But apart from these unfortunate situations, Islam is clearly a religion of peace.

It’s also a religion that is admirably tolerant. Of course, there are a few small issues – the way Islam treats women and homosexuals. Then there’s that quaint Islamic tradition of raping any female virgins who are sentenced to death for political dissent, as it’s forbidden to execute virgins. And we shouldn’t forget the possible problem of a little lack of brotherly love felt between Shias and Sunnis. Plus there’s the stoning of blasphemers, adulterers and any woman who is judged to have behaved immodestly. But apart from all this, I think it’s fair to say that Islam is progressive and tolerant.

So, there you have it. Final proof that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Now who could argue with that? (I hope I don’t get killed for writing this)

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