June 2024

“Liar and thief” (in my opinion) Warsi makes Carry On Conservatives omnishambles even worse

It appears that the Tory Party’s token Muslim has been caught with both hands in the till. Of course, this will all be explained away as an “oversight”. I’m not sure what exactly was the “oversight” – that Baroness Warsi had the key to someone’s house but forgot she had it? That the honourable lady slept somewhere and forgot she had done so? That the Baroness then apparently claimed expenses while not incurring any? Or that she got caught? It is actually incredible that someone could be so greedy and so stupid to be caught fiddling what must be the most lax expenses system in the world. A peer only has to spend one night a month in their supposed “main home” to be allowed to claim £300 or so a day every time they come to London. And there’s no need to show any receipts as all peers are so honourable. To be caught cheating this is almost beyond belief.

Actually, we all know that most MPs and peers are liars and thieves. So most of us won’t be surprised by the good Baroness’s venality. But the Warsi farce is dangerous to Liar Cameron because it reinforces the impression of an incompetent, arrogant, dishonest, out-of-touch government full of fools and thieves that is fumbling and blundering at the mercy of events and cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered to be in control of anything. Cameron is an incompetent, a liar  and a fool. He had the opportunity to rescue the country after the worst PM in our history, Gordon Brown, almost bankrupted us. But Cameron has betrayed us and seems to have spent his efforts enriching his friends and cronies rather than governing the country. He is so despised and even loathed by the majority of people, that he should resign and spend more time with his family. Come on Liar Cameron, do the only honourable thing you have ever done in your miserable, self-serving life and resign.

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