July 2021
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Liar Cameron knows nothing, understands nothing, learns nothing, does nothing

As NATO’s useless, lying leaders meet in Chicago to try to find a face-saving way out of the disastrous Afghanistan failure, our ‘heroic’ PM, David Liar Cameron is pompously/bravely/stupidly (delete as appropriate) announcing that he is ready to send British troops to Syria. It’s truly beyond belief. This total tosser wants to get British troops embroiled in yet another Muslim-kills-Muslim slaughterhouse. After Cameron’s great ‘victory’ in Libya, he has become like Blair after his intervention in Sierre Leone – addicted to war. Unable to do anything to improve Britain’s economy, Cameron wants to use force in foreign interventions to show what a great international statesman he is. Have you understood nothing, Mr Cameron? Have you learnt nothing, Mr Cameron? If the Shiites hate the Sunnis hate the Alawites hate the Hittites hate the Palestinianites etc, it’s not our problem. If they want to kill each other, we should sell them the weapons and let them get on with it and long may they continue massacring each other. If we try to stop the Stupidites all killing each other, they’ll just start hating us even more than they hate each other.

So, Mr Liar, bring our troops home and put them to work in our schools and on our council estates to help improve our collapsing society. And, as for the economy – put all civil servants on a 3-day week; set a maximum public-sector pension of £25,000; set a maximum public-sector salary of £100,000; cut the number of thieving, pointless MPs from 646 to 250; abolish corporation tax completely; demand the EU cuts its budget by 5% a year for the next five years; extend Britain’s fishing limits to 200 miles around our coasts; build some nuclear power stations; scrap the high-speed rail project; get rid of your advisers as they’re as hopeless as you; scrap the Equality and Human Rights Commission; scrap the incompetent Office for Budget Responsibility; demand Ofwat and Ofgem set a maximum profit level of 10% for water and power companies; declare all water and power resources a strategic national asset that can only be owned by British companies based for tax purposes in Britain; take legal action against Fred Goodwin for misleading shareholders, false accounting and fraud – basically, Mr Liar Cameron, do something useful for Britain. Oh, and one other thing, the most useful thing you could do would be to resign as most people in Britain view you with derision and contempt. LOL

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