May 2012
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Don’t get ‘zuckered’ by Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Hype, hype, hooray! I guess that’s what the founding shareholders of Facebook and their investment bankers will be shouting as they crack open the champagne after unloading their largely worthless shares on all the usual suckers who think they’re going to make money by jumping on the latest bandwagon just as the bubble’s about to […]

London Olympics – Britain’s most expensive riot?

As the politically-correct BBC gushes about Britain’s “Olympics triumph” and multimillionaire olympocrats become ever richer wasting our money, it’s worth remembering that we were once promised the Olympics would only cost us around £2.4bn. Mysteriously, as the BBC and Olympics bosses tell us that they are “on budget”, the cost has actually rocketed up to […]

MP Tim Yeo seems to be a very busy (greedy?) man – I wonder if this leaves him much time to work for his constituents

Register of Members’ Interests – Tim Yeo 1. Remunerated directorships ITI Energy Limited; suppliers of gasification equipment. AFC Energy; company developing alkaline fuel cell technology. Address: Unit 71.4 Dunsfold Park, Stovolds Hill, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8TB. Undertake duties as Chair, run board meetings and keep in touch with senior management. Received payment of £3,750, 9 […]

Rebekah Brooks is innocent: Pope is J…………….

As flame-haired beauty Rebekah Brooks angrily declares she is innocent, it’s time for me to speak out too and tell it like it is: David Cameron is a highly respected PM. Eric Pickles suffers from anorexia. You can trust a British surveyor. Our MPs are hard-working, honest and only interested in serving their constituents. You […]

Our thieving, lazy, 90-days-holiday-a-year MPs tell us to work harder

I choked over my cornflakes the other day when I heard that several MPs had said we must all “work harder” to get Britain out of the economic mess caused by our MPs’ incompetence and profligacy with our money. Do any of our MPs actually know what it’s like to work? They get an incredible […]

Leveson bites incompetent liar Cameron where it hurts

Can our incompetent lying PM David Liar Cameron do nothing right? Blunder after blunder after blunder. But perhaps his worst mistake was setting up the Leveson inquiry. I rather suspect Cameron sat down with his useless, highly-paid, sycophantic advisers and they all decided that setting up an inquiry into relations between the press and politicians […]

Buying a home? Watch out for these estate agent tricks

If you, or anybody you know is buying a home, you might find an article I wrote interesting and even useful

And if you are either selling or buying a home, my experience is that one bunch you should be very careful with is the Countrywide Group. Countrywide claim to be “The UK’s largest […]

Selling your home? Watch out for these estate agents’ tricks

Should you, or anyone you know, be about to sell their home, they might find this article I wrote interesting and even useful:

And if you are either selling or buying a home, my experience is that one bunch you should be very careful with is the Countrywide Group. Countrywide claim to be “The […]

The only thing you need to “get” is that we despise you, Mr Cameron

After the flop of the Queen’s Speech yesterday, it has become more than clear that our lying PM David Liar Cameron doesn’t “get it” at all. He doesn’t “get” that most of the country, especially Tory voters, despise him. We despise him because he has betrayed our trust. After the worst PM in British history, […]

Always, always go with your surveyor on a survey – British surveyors cannot be trusted

If you’re buying a home, hopefully you’ll commission a survey. But remember, your surveyor will probably work with you only once in his or her life, but your surveyor will work with local estate agents hundreds of times every year. So, it’s important for surveyors to keep in with local estate agents. Any surveyor who […]