February 2023
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Ignore gobby Irish ‘hypocrites’ Bono and Saint Bob

For years, we’ve had to put up with loudmouthed Irish (in my opinion) ‘hypocrites’ Bono and Saint Bob Geldorf yabbering on about how our governments should do more to help alleviate poverty in the Third World. Their blethering has had these two multi-milllionaire (in my opinion) buffoons invited to meet most of the important world leaders as they pose and preen themselves in the warmth of their own self-importance and self-righteousness. But while preaching to the rest of us that more of our tax money should be handed over to corrupt African politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen, these two gobby Irish multimillionaires seem to have been less than keen to put their own money where their big mouths are. Both these extremely rich men appear to have hired expensive accountants to ensure that they minimise their own tax payments, while angrily demanding that the rest of us pay more to be stolen by corrupt Africans. And, by the way, Mr Bono, how much of your newly acquired Facebook hundreds of millions will you be giving to starving Africans?

So, on the basis that these two bigmouthed, Irish, self-appointed moralisers appear to be (in my opinion) just greedy, self-serving hypocrites and on the basis that repeated UN studies have shown that around 90% of all aid to Africa gets stolen by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen or wasted due to the utter incompetence of those who are tasked with spending it, we should ignore pretty much everything self-appointed Saints Bob and Bono tell us.

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