July 2024

Useless BBC finally realises Afghan war is a disaster

I suppose I should congratulate the BBC. After over eleven years of failure in Afghanistan, more than the First and Second World Wars put together, the BBC has finally realised what the rest of us have known for a decade – that the whole thing is an unmitigated disaster and an utterly pointless loss of British lives. Of course, BBC bosses are too afraid to say this directly. Instead they use the historical two-parter The Great Game to reveal how every foreign intervention in Afghanistan has ended in failure. That probably means that the only people left in Britain, who believe we are achieving something in Afghanistan, are our politicians and worthless, self-serving, money-grabbing military leaders.

But the truth may be worse. Perhaps our politicians have known for years that the Afghan war was a hopelessly mismanaged failure. Perhaps our politicians are so cynical that they didn’t give a toss that hundreds of young British men and women are being killed and maimed for no purpose at all. Rather that, than the politicians having the courage to admit they were wrong and to end the disaster. As for our gutless, incompetent military leaders – while thousands of the troops who obeyed their orders will live the rest of their lives in poverty as cripples, our military top brass will retire with honours and massive pensions and then quickly get well-paid jobs working for private-sector companies selling stuff to the military.

Th Afghan war represents everything that is wrong in Britain today – lying, thieving politicians only out to save their own skins, military leaders feathering their own nests and celebrity-obsessed media that doesn’t dare tackle issues that are actually important.

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