March 2012
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Why can stupid journalists not understand that supermarkets destroy jobs?

Every few months the PR departments at companies like Tesco, Asda and Morrisons put out some blurb that these companies have “created” so many thousand new jobs or are about to create thousands of new jobs. Then stupid journalists write gushing articles about how these “wonderful” companies are “creating” new jobs and helping the economy […]

Is Liar Cameron finally realising how useless Andrew “Useless” Lansley actually is?

The word on the street in Westminster is that Andrew “Useless” Lansley will be pushed out of the cabinet in the next reshuffle. But why was he ever there in the first place? About four years ago, long before the last elections, several Tory MPs told me Lansley was ineffective, incompetent and a general waste […]

Do you believe Merkel’s and Sarkozy’s lies? Then invest in Greece!

Those great euroliars, Merkel and Sarkozy claim they have saved Greece from bankruptcy. So I have a great investment opportunity for you. Greece. The Greek stock market is way down at the moment – so if you buy Greek shares now, you’re going to make a fortune when the Greek economy bounces back to health […]

Ten worst places to put your money – 2. Unit Trusts

Unit trusts are probably the most popular way for savers to invest their money. They have rightly been described as a ‘breakthrough in financial democracy’ because they allowed ordinary savers to put their money with professional financial managers at very low cost. But they have become so profitable and there are now so many of […]

“Heroic” David Cameron to fight on in Afghanistan

How our lying PM David Liar Cameron must be enjoying all the attention being lavished on him in the US. Unable to fix Britain’s busted economy, Cameron can strut around in the US pretending to be a great international statesman ( a bit like his hero Bliar). Cameron can stand on the White House lawn […]

Ten worst places to put your money 1. Highstreet banks

The main highstreet banks (HSBC, Barclays, Natwest etc) want to run our current accounts. They don’t make much money from this. But it gives them the chance to do what they call “cross-selling” – using their contacts with us to flog us all kinds of (usually overpriced and underperforming) rubbish. Deposit accounts, mortgages, insurance, pensions, […]

The politically-correct thought-control fascists ban jokes about Arabs

It seems that a popular football manager is in trouble with the PC thought-control fascists for quipping that a gentleman from the Middle East who tried but failed to buy a football club was the only Arab he had met who didn’t have an oil well in his back garden. The fascists claim this is […]

Why we should boycott the greedy, lying scum at HSBC

Most people have now realised that our major banks (HSBC, Barclays, RBS, HBOS) will do anything to get and keep our money. Mis-selling, lying, money-laundering and tax avoidance seem now to be everyday working practices for staff at our banks who are keen to progress their own careers. But is any of our banks worse […]

Sh-t hits the fan in Afghanistan, big time

First there was the burning of the Koran, then a US soldier killed 16 Afghan civilians. Now the sh-t is about to hit the fan, big time. But while the loss of life is regrettable, perhaps the soldier has done us all a favour. Once again we have proof of the complete and utter futility […]

400 pointless deaths in Afghanistan – and our greedy, thieving MPs don’t give a toss

Over 400 British troops have now been killed and thousands more wounded in a 10-year war to keep the puppet government of Karzai the Corrupt and his drug-traficking. aid-stealing cronies in power. So what are our MPs doing? Are they furiously demanding a debate on this pointless war and the meaningless waste of lives? Are […]