May 2024

The politically-correct thought-control fascists ban jokes about Arabs

It seems that a popular football manager is in trouble with the PC thought-control fascists for quipping that a gentleman from the Middle East who tried but failed to buy a football club was the only Arab he had met who didn’t have an oil well in his back garden.  The fascists claim this is racial stereotyping. But that’s rubbish – a person from an oil-rich Arab state is statistically more likely to have an oil well in his back garden than say someone from Swindon or Milton Keynes. Surely to be offensive a joke would have to be more along the lines of: “Q: Why are camels called the ships of the desert? A: Because they’re full of Arab semen.” I abhor such puerile attempts at humour. This is equivalent to suggesting that all the Welsh are sheepshaggers, when of course only a very small minority indulge in this hobby

Talking of offensive jokes, at the time the fragrant, charitable Heather Mills McCartney was getting her multi-million pound divorce from national treasure Sir Paul, this one was doing the rounds: There’s an explosion in a South African gold mine. Rescuers do all they can, but hundreds die and only one miner is saved. Unfortunately, rescuers have to amputate one of his legs while cutting him free. Later the miner is being interviewed by a journalist in hospital. The miner is sobbing in misery, so the journalist asks, “aren’t you glad to be alive?” “No,” sobs the miner, “what can I do now? Who wants a one-legged gold-digger?” Now that’s offensive to women, greedy women, one-legged miners and ageing rockstars

I propose that the Equality and Human Rights Commission should be allowed to hire five million extra staff. They should have the power to go into any pub or home and record what people are saying. Anyone found making a joke which makes fun of any racial group (the Irish, Scots even fat toads like Alex Salmond, or the French even vertically-challenged ones like President High-Heels Sarkozy) or of any sexual group (like Mandelsonians) should receive 20-year prison sentences. The only people who should be exempted from this new thought-control police’s efforts should be Muslims as it is their human right to make fun of and kill anyone they dislike – and that’s about everybody. George Orwell would be spinning in his grave if he could see what is happening in Britain.

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