December 2022
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“Heroic” David Cameron to fight on in Afghanistan

How our lying PM David Liar Cameron must be enjoying all the attention being lavished on him in the US. Unable to fix Britain’s busted economy, Cameron can strut around in the US pretending to be a great international statesman ( a bit like his hero Bliar).  Cameron can stand on the White House lawn stern-jawed with a steely look in his eyes and “bravely” declare that he will fight on in Afghanistan “till the job is done” (or some platitude like that). Only problem is – Cameron is not in Afghanistan. Nor is any member of his family. They are all safe in London or else on luxury taxpayer-funded international trips. It’s other people’s children who are stuck in the totally pointless Afghanistan farce trying to prop up a corrupt, unpopular puppet government. And the job is undoable. The Afghans hate us. Our soldiers are being killed by Afghan freedom fighters. The Taliban will be back in power just days after foreign troops leave. And Karzai the Corrupt and his corrupt cronies will scarper to Dubai with the billions they have stolen from British and American taxpayers.

Every time British soldiers are killed, our cowardly lying PM reads out their names and pledges “they will not be forgotten” (or some similar platitude). And all our thieving, greedy MPs mutter “hear hear”. So wouldn’t it be nice if a TV interviewer was to ask Liar Cameron, or any other MP, to name say ten of the 400+ dead soldiers. I doubt if most could name more than one. Our MPs will certainly have forgotten the names of these pointless dead because like Cameron they don’t give a toss. The only thing our MPs care about is how much of our money they can steal and how much more money they can make by doing second, third and fourth jobs which they only get because they are MPs. David Miliband, the £500,000 a year socialist, was a busy man last year, but I don’t ever remember him worrying about all the people being killed in a 10-year war that his party started. Scum the lot of them, lying, greedy, cowardly, self-serving scum.

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