November 2023
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Is Liar Cameron finally realising how useless Andrew “Useless” Lansley actually is?

The word on the street in Westminster is that Andrew “Useless” Lansley will be pushed out of the cabinet in the next reshuffle. But why was he ever there in the first place? About four years ago, long before the last elections, several Tory MPs told me Lansley was ineffective, incompetent and a general waste of skin – their words, not mine. Yet David Liar Cameron put this buffoon in charge of reforming the NHS. Lansley did what all incompetent politicians do, he called in possibly the world’s most predatory management consultants, McKinseys. Now I have copies of McKinseys’ plans to reform the NHS produced for New Labur. As far as I can see, McKinseys just dusted these off, changed the dates and then presented these plans to “Useless” Lansley as works of pure genius. He in turn gave them many millions of our money. If McKinseys’ plans for the NHS are ever implemented, they will earn millions more for guess who – McKinseys.

From what I can gather, the only “proper” job Lansley has ever had was working at the DTI – affectionately known as the Department for Total Incompetence. How Liar Cameron made him a key minister is almost beyond belief. The sooner Lansley goes, the better. Then he can get a job supposedly advising McKinsey as a reward for the millions of our money he has given them.

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