December 2022
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400 pointless deaths in Afghanistan – and our greedy, thieving MPs don’t give a toss

Over 400 British troops have now been killed and thousands more wounded in a 10-year war to keep the puppet government of Karzai the Corrupt and his drug-traficking. aid-stealing cronies in power. So what are our MPs doing? Are they furiously demanding a debate on this pointless war and the meaningless waste of lives? Are they bollocks! They’re far too busy filling their own pockets.

The (in my opinion) fat, sycophantic, self-serving slug Sir Ian Kennedy, the IPSA chairman, has allowed MPs to increase their staffing budgets from £115,000 to £137,200 for non-London MPs and £144,000 for those representing constituencies in the capital. The (in my opinion) lying, repulsive slug said, “This will help them in the service they provide to their constituents.” But hold on a minute. Our MPs have so little work representing their constituents that most have extremely lucrative second, third and even fourth jobs. For example, socialist David Miliband reportedly pocketed about  £500,000 last year. And that wasn’t from helping his constituents.
Once again, we see our politicians and those they employ as a bunch of greedy, self-interested, lying, hypocritical scum. We don’t need 645 MPs any more. We don’t even need 600. In fact, 200 hundred would be quite enough – and a cut like that would save taxpayers hundreds of millions, Mr Osborne.

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