February 2018
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Ireland’s crooked losers are the winners

Who was the best paid leader in the EU? Merkel with Germany’s 82 million population? Sarkozy or Cameron with about 62 million each? No, it was Ireland’s Taoiseach, Brian ‘the pig’ Cowen, leading just 4.4 million.  He got €285,000 a year compared to Sarkozy’s €253,000, Merkel’s €242,000 and Cameron’s €172,000.  Moreover, on €92,000 a year, Ireland’s politicians are also some of the best paid in Europe. Then, of course many of Fianna Fail’s members pocketed millions in bribes from corrupt builders and dodgy bank loans that will never have to be repaid.

The useless BBC and other media have claimed Cowen and Fianna Fail lost the election. In fact this bunch of incompetent crooks are laughing all the way to their holiday homes in France and Italy, where they can live like millionaires for the rest of their lives thanks to the enforced generosity of Irish taxpayers, while leaving someone else to clean up the mess they caused with their stupidity and dishonesty. (Reminds you a bit of Britain?)

As for Ireland’s new rulers, we should remember the song by the Who – “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. There’s only one certainty for the Irish, their overpaid leaders will continue their uncontrolled thieving  of taxpayers’ money and there’s nothing the Irish can do about it.

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