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Is the Chinese plague making the Crazies even crazier?

(weekend blog)

Why do politicians always f**k things up?

First I’d just like to mention a comment a reader made to yesterday’s blog about retirement homes.

According to the reader, the sector was pretty much ruined when the Labour Government legislated that all residents of care homes should have their own private toilet/bathroom. This was disastrous for many smaller care homes as the costs of installing toilets/bathrooms for every resident in older buildings was prohibitive and many closed down. This led to fewer providers and thus increases in care costs as the bigger care-home operators consolidated their hold on the market. And now our useless politicians are scratching their empty heads wondering how to avoid increasing care-home costs bankrupting us!

More recently we had over 90% of our incompetent politicians voting for idiot Ed Miliband’s 1998 disastrous Climate Change Act. This forces the UK government by law to commit national economic suicide by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 100% of 1990 levels (net zero) by 2050. This has increased energy costs, driven manufacturing to our enemy China and resulted in hundreds of thousands of UK job losses. And now our useless politicians are scratching their empty heads wondering why we became so dependent on our enemy China for manufactured goods!

And even more recently, our politicians seem to have accidentally destroyed what little was left of the British car industry. People don’t buy new cars if they’re afraid the car they’re buying may soon be taxed off the road or even declared illegal. I wonder how many readers know if and when diesel cars will be illegal? I wonder how many readers know if and when petrol cars will be illegal? I wonder how many readers know if and when hybrid cars will be illegal? Personally, I’ve no idea and fear that if Labour ever got into power, there would be even more restrictions on cars and the dates for banning certain types of vehicle would be brought forward. So I suspect many people like me are holding off from buying a new car due to the uncertainty created by our posturing politicians. And now our useless politicians are scratching their empty heads wondering why car sales in Britain are collapsing and thousands of car industry jobs are being lost!

Are the Crazies getting even crazier?

I don’t have a new story this weekend. But never fear. You can always rely on our friends from the Religion of Fabulosity and Peacefulness to step up when you need yet another example of total derangement.

Here’s part of a recent sermon by one of the Religion of Fantasticness’s and Tolerance’s leading intellectuals:

Houthi Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi said in a Friday sermon in Sanaa, Yemen that aired on Al-Eman TV (Houthis – Yemen) that Allah brought COVID-19 upon the West, China, and other Asian countries so that they would have to wear face masks, as punishment for having forced Muslim women to expose their faces by legislating laws against the wearing of the hijab. He said that these people have become arrogant and forgotten Allah, and he led the audience in a chant: “Allah Akbar! Death to America! Death to Israel! Cursed be the Jews! Victory to Islam!”

Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi: Take a look at France, Britain, Italy, and Europe in general. Take a look at the West, the United States, and China. Take a look at the countries of east Asia, and at other countries. They legislate laws concerning the hijabs of Muslim women. The decreed that these hijabs must come off and that the faces of Muslim women must be revealed, even though Allah ordered women to cover their faces. (The Quran says) that ‘They should draw their veils over their bosoms’ and that they should be modest and cover themselves. They must put on a hijab that prevents others from seeing them. This is what Allah ordered Muslim women to do.

But what did (these countries) do? They made these women reveal their faces, and lo and behold, Allah has covered their faces with those masks that both women and men are wearing. They are all hiding behind these masks, terrified of the disease. This is all because they have become arrogant and forgotten Allah. Allah Akbar! Death to America! Death to Israel! Cursed be the Jews! Victory to Islam! Allah Akbar! Death to America! Death to Israel! Cursed be the Jews! Victory to Islam! Allah Akbar! Death to America! Death to Israel! Cursed be the Jews! Victory to Islam”

And our rulers think we can ever reason with these crazies?!?!?!

4 comments to Is the Chinese plague making the Crazies even crazier?

  • Tomsk

    Our rulers or at least most of them have created a problem they are now too fearful to address. The problem knows this and uses their fear and weakness to become stronger. Our rulers like us will find their children and descendants living under a bigger problem because of the cowardice of their ancestors.

  • A Thorpe

    I look forward to your blogs because they stimulate discussion and unlike other bogs we can discuss ideas and disagree without insulting each other. Our leaders whether clerics or politicians seem to be the problem. They need to be punished like Sisyphus and then they might begin to accept their failures. But we either blindly follow them, or vote for them, so are we part of it and perhaps we all crazy?

    The two issues you raise today, religious following and climate change and its policies are related. There is no evidence for either. What is wrong with the human race that makes them believe without evidence? Richard Dawkins always asks clerics for evidence, but yet he seems to accept that we can change the climate and does not look at the evidence. I am convinced that our early ancestors understand evidence because they would not have survived. We seem to have lost the abilities that got us to where we are today. We have replaced sense with nonsense and follow Saint Greta and go out clapping in the street on command of our great leader Boris.

    Can we really blame politicians for the care home crisis? The children of the elderly are as much to blame along with the medical profession. My parents generation looked after their parents at home, often the entire family living together. This changed when women started to work and they neither looked after elderly parents or their children. Women will not like this being said, but this is what happened. At the same time the health service started to hand out pills to treat conditions resulting in poor heath of many who would have died earlier. This made it impossible to look after many people at home and the health and safety rules added to this. Child care and elderly care then transferred to the state with the associated costs. The big pharmaceutical companies are driving this because it creates profit and they don’t care about the poor quality of life of people in care homes. It has also created a modern form of slavery. We don’t want to work in care homes, or on farms, so immigrants on low pay are used to do what we will not, so that we are free to indulge in shopping.

  • A Thorpe

    There is another issue with care homes. There is surprise at the deaths in care homes related to the virus. Is there any wonder when the high risk group are all put together? With care at home by families the high number of deaths might have been avoided. If families are banned from visits then it is the staff who are taking the virus into the care homes. If they are following social isolating rules does this mean the rules are not working? Would testing of staff have helped? In Germany the lower deaths overall are said to be because of testing, but then we are told that the tests are not reliable. Who can we believe?

  • Ed P

    Some test kits are unreliable, so Germany has been testing repeatedly, to avoid both false positives and negatives. They have the bugs (almost) under control.
    But even with 100% accurate tests, even if they gave an instant answer, the bugs will proliferate. This is because no-one, it seems, can understand about transmission before symptoms.
    So if I test CV-free today, I would need to be totally isolated for at least one week, probably two weeks to be sure, then re-tested, even if I still had no symptoms. This is obviously impractical!
    It will spread everywhere, as it’s clear it cannot be contained by the methods used presently. But, the good news is that the actual death rate is 1% or lower – distorted in the reports by huge under-counting (x10 up to x100) of those infected but showing only minor symptoms.

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