March 2018
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It’s Christmas! It’s the season of ‘trucks of peace’!

Across Europe, councils are putting up Christmas decorations.

Here’s a lovely picture from one German town:

And here’s a similar picture from Hull:

A spokesperson for Hull City Council said: “We’re delighted people are enjoying the changes we’ve made. They are all part of getting everyone into a festive […]

Political correctness prevents me writing this weekend’s blog

This weekend I wanted to write about the two attacks on mosques (in Nigeria and Egypt) which killed over 350 innocents and badly injured at least 150 more. The title of my blog for this weekend was going to be – “Do Moozerlum lives matter – to other Moozerlums?”

But I probably can’t write that […]

This isn’t funny, funny, funny! Not funny!

As every libtard knows, videos like this are NOT funny and are likely to give stupid people the wrong idea about the world’s most peaceful tolerant and wonderful religion.

Don’t you agree?

Let them kill Christians! Our rulers don’t care!

(Monday blog)

Obama’s Izlumophilia?

I have previously (June 2016) written about how, under Obama, pitifully few of the Syrian ‘refugees’ allowed into the USA were from the two main persecuted groups Christians and Yazidis.

Christians used to make up about 10% of the Syrian population. Yet between the start of the conflict and May 2016, […]

Is this how the European civil wars will start?

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday blog – apologies to those who have already read this blog from Friday. I’ve decided to leave it up over the weekend and start again with a new story on Monday)

I found the piece below somewhere floating around the Internet. I have customised it a little to reflect my own thoughts. […]

Yet another hate crime that is NOT a hate crime?

Apologies, but today’s blog is going to be quite long.

What happens when there’s a ‘hate crime’?

I have previously written about how the ever-expanding concept of a ‘hate crime’ has little to do with real crimes and is only a way for the ruling elites to control what white British people say, do […]

The next war is unimaginable – until it happens!

In the Sunday Times ‘Culture’ section nine days ago, I read about a new book called “The Future of War” by some great military and strategic expert I had never heard of – a Sir Lawrence Freedman. I haven’t read (and am not going to read) the book. But I have read the Sunday Times […]

It’s official – Moozerlum terror attacks are NOT ‘hate crimes’

You’d better be sitting down before you read today’s blog. Otherwise you might fall over and hurt yourself and then blame me for your injuries.

It’s official – Izlumic terror attacks committed in Britain are NOT considered to be ‘hate crimes’ – but if you (as a white indigenous Brit) criticise anyone for any of […]

Lovely story of multi-cultural enrichment from India

As part of our mission at snouts-in-the-trough to educate and inform our readers about the delights of other cultures, today we’d like to bring you the heartwarming story of Mr Ameerul Islam.

Mr Islam has apparently just been arrested for the rape, murder and genital mutilation of a young Indian Dalit (untouchable) girl.

But this […]

Is France more dangerous than Afghanistan?

(weekend blog) Here are two beautiful, intelligent and talented young French girls – cousins killed by the open borders and *sl*mophiliac policies of French Presidents Hollande and Macron and their boss Angela “Hitler” Merkel:

One of these girls was studying to become a doctor, the other a nurse. They had their throats […]