June 2018
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The great Canadian bald head cover-up?

(Wednesday blog)

Hey, are you going bald? Or do you know someone who is? Well, it appears the brave Canadian police have found a way for bald men to achieve full hair growth in just 24 hours. It’s amazing!

What am I wittering on about?

Here’s a photo of the Toronto (alleged) truck murderer being […]

Goodbye Sweden?

(Sunday blog)

I came across this on YouTube. It’s that awful Pat Condell. This video was made in 2014 – before the invasion of Europe by Merkel’s migrant masses. In this video Condell suggests that, because of uncontrolled immigration, Sweden is destined to be swamped by a flood of often in-bred, often culturally-backward, often violent, […]

So many heartwarming stories of multi-cultural enrichment – but which to choose?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Here, from the “thereligionofpeace.com” website, are just a few headlines of stories of multi-cultural enrichment from around the world over the last few days. But there are so many that make one’s spirit soar with joy, it’s difficult to know which one to focus on:

Erdogan Urges Muslim Minorities to ‘Dominate’ Populations… Bangladesh: […]

SYRIA – lies, lies and more lies?

(Tuesday blog)

With so much fake news, propaganda and lies on the Internet and in the mainstream media, who knows what to believe?

What is known and certain is that Hitler used a ‘false flag’ incident to justify the invasion of Poland. Stalin used one to justify the invasion of Finland. The […]

More indications it wasn’t Assad wot done it?

(Monday blog)

Just one more blog about the supposed chemical attack in Syria. Then tomorrow, I’ll show you loads of faked pictures of supposed ‘atrocities’ by Assad’s troops in Syria.

Below is a YouTube video posted on 13 February 2018 – long before Assad’s supposed chemical attack which gave Trump, May and some Frenchman the […]

You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful……….

(Sunday/Monday blog – apologies to those who have already seen this story in the Daily Mail “Femail” section, but it’s so wonderful that I wanted to make sure as many people as possible saw it)

Here’s a picture of contestants in a beauty contest in Birmingham. But can you spot the odd one out?

Australia has fallen! Adios Australia! It was nice knowing you!

(Monday/Tuesday blog and no, this is not about the cricket)

If you were to list the countries that you thought would resist the George-Soros- and UN-sponsored Third-World, multi-cultural-enricher invasion – Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic etc – you would probably include Australia in that list. After all, Australia started the policy of stopping the migrant boats […]

Sometimes it can be sobering to hear how others see our once great country

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

1. Our ‘competition

First, thanks to the reader who took part in yesterday’s ‘competition’ and who worked out that there might well have been up to 17 policepersons (several of them extremely obese) involved in trying to deal with one scrawny multi-cultural enricher. The reader also pointed out that 30 years ago, one […]

“I’m far more frightened of the Far Right than I am of Izlumic terrorism”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

The question for this blog is whether it’s possible to understand the stupidity of the progressive, lefty, libtardish, virtue-signalling idiots who are hell-bent on destroying what little is left of our country.

Here’s one of them explaining why she’s “far more frightened of the Far Right than I am of Izlumic terrorism”.

Good […]

Ahmed is a very happy (and wealthy?) man

(Friday/weekend blog)

Today I’d like to introduce you to Ahmed. Ahmed now lives in Germany – with 2 of his 3 wives and 6 of his many children.

He gets a free house, spending money, social benefits, and doesn’t seem to have a job. I wonder where the German authorities found an empty house to […]